Riot: Civil Unrest

There’s a new video game in pre-release that some have been anticipating for four years.

Called “Riot: Civil Unrest“, it gives you the opportunity to play as the protestors or the authorities in some recent rioting events, internationally. After the confrontation, the press reports whether order was restored and whether one side or the other was more sympathetic, which generates additional bonuses in later confrontations.

Watch the trailers Here

The “concept” behind the design and intention of the game Here

You can download the early access version off of Steam Here




12 Comments on Riot: Civil Unrest

  1. If the FBI and Mueller are successful that could be happening here. Ya gotta ask yourself, what will make them stop or are they going to stop. I don’t think so. Trump expected it. But he made a bad hire is Sessions.

  2. The only video game I ever played was Ms Pacman. Nowadays, saying that name is like a micro aggression, cuz the term “man” is in the title. No interest in this new game, or any game, for that matter. If it doesn’t involve a little yellow dot eating smaller dots and flashing fruit, forget it.

  3. Tired Mom

    I never thought about that. I always loved “Space Invaders” but I’m sure they could find several micro agressions in that one title.

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