Riot Roundup

At Least 4 Synagogues Were Vandalized By BLM/Antifa.

Both Black Lives Matter and Antifa have clear anti-Semitic ideologies. The vandalism of multiple synagogues ought to be part of the discussion about their climate of violence and hate.

The Minneapolis Disaster has Democrat Fingerprints All Over It.
They own it. It’s theirs.

Laura Loomer Calls for Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey’s Arrest for Aiding and Abetting ANTIFA Terrorists.

Congressional candidate and banished journalist Laura Loomer is calling for Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey to be arrested because of his association with the ANTIFA domestic terrorist group.

‘We Weren’t Goin’ to Sit Back and Let It Happen’: Italian Bakery Owners Welcome Cleveland Looters with an Impressive Arsenal.

In a video captured by Rob Rash, rioters and looters can be seen approaching Corbo’s Bakery, taunting the owners and threatening them with iron rods and a large pylon with a heavy metal base. Three men stood in the doorway of the bakery, defending their property and exercising their Second Amendment rights. A minute later the rioters were gone, having moved on to the business next door, where they shattered a massive storefront window (begins at 2:43:00):

Rioters Burn Historic St. John’s Church in D.C., Deface Monuments Across the City.

Black Woman Punches White Cop In the Face, Then A Black Cop Knocks Her to the Ground

This black woman learned the hard way that she shouldn’t be punching cops in the mouth.

11 Comments on Riot Roundup

  1. I guess if you’re caught out on the street in a riot zone, you should run run for the nearest mosque. Seems to be the safest place in town.

  2. Wretched WHitler taught me that I can’t work in a salon, but I can vandalize the hell outta it.
    Curious to see if she extends house arrest for us again, since the 2 week observation on potential Covid spread from riots will hit right about the time her latest order expires.

  3. These are analogous to activities of the SS and the rise of National Socialism in 1920s and 30s Germany. What we have seen in the past is relevant, they are following the progressive template. What is going on is straight out of the progressive playbook folks.

    The Nazis were funded by wealthy western progressives, look up Fabian Socialism, and supported by the western European and American progressive movement too.

  4. Look up George Bernard Shaw and his activism if you want to see how the Hollywood idiots fit into all of this.

  5. Dan Bongino
    If a group of conservatives appeared regularly in liberal cities wearing black masks, carrying weapons & incendiaries, breaking windows, setting fires, attacking innocents, & looting, there’d be an outcry in the media to shut them down. But, because it’s ANTIFA, they make excuses

  6. Proposed “False Flag” ops;
    conservatives wearing PantyFag outfits (black hoodies, black masks, gloves, etc) & carrying PantyFag weaponry; attack, desecrate, & burn down a mosque.
    Oh, and of course, after the deed is done, run away, melt into the background, discard costumes, go home, never speak of what you’ve done. Nobody know who you were, everyone assumes the dirty deed was done by PantyFag.
    What do you think the reaction from all sources would be?

  7. JDHasty

    And the shopping carts full of medium sized cobble at locations thru Bellevue last night. There’s definitely some command and control going on here. Damn Russians.


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