Rioter faces 80 years in jail after customized Etsy T-shirt exposed her as BLM supporter who torched police cars

Philadelphia massage therapist Lore-Elisabeth Blumenthal was nabbed after two police cars were torched.

Apparently, she torched her bras, too. Yikes!

30 Comments on Rioter faces 80 years in jail after customized Etsy T-shirt exposed her as BLM supporter who torched police cars

  1. When I was in the Navy in Philly I know what we called “massage therapists.”
    Everybody was looking for a hand!

  2. Customized Tee shirts make you stand out in a crowd. Maybe she wanted to get more “massage” customers. It pays to advertise.

  3. Amazing how these so-called “educated” people are lousy at hiding their identity. I hope she gets the full 80 years of being sexually attacked by Beulah.

  4. Hopefully she’ll get to do the bidding of a black banger girlfriend in prison.I’m promoting diversity.

  5. “If convicted, she faces a maximum possible sentence of 80 years in prison, followed by three years of supervised release”


  6. I highly doubt anything happens to her or any of them. The only people who get prosecuted are those like the couple who defended their property from the rioting thugs.

    On the subject of jugs, my brothers used to say, “Why buy the cow when the milk is free?” That, my friends, is a huge bitch!

  7. Actually making her pay for the damage would be better than threatening her with jail she’ll never see the inside of. But then the poor lawyers wouldn’t get fed.

  8. Is that picture of her a senior HS photo? WTH happened. They shouldn’t tell people how they track them down.

  9. If she sees ANY jail time (unlikely) it won’t be any more than 2 or 3 years. Hell, Bill Ayers and Bernadine Dorn only served a few years and are now tenured professors and highly paid democrat consultants! The future looks bright for this dimwit.

  10. I’m with CCNV. I get a momentary thrill when I hear they’ve been arrested, but it’s generally followed by the disappointment of seeing repeated slaps on the wrist.

  11. @Wambam: “I’m promoting diversity.”

    Here’s how I promote my diversity. When confronted by facemask Nazi’s at the store, my reply is: “I identify as being black so therefore, I’m exempt from wearing a mask.” If they get too pushy with me, I then tell them that I identify also as a tranny so that I have it all covered for being diverse and “exempt” from your Nazi laws. They can’t argue with me using those tactics. I walk away with a smirk. 🙂

  12. Rick June 30, 2020 at 4:15 pm

    I’d be curious to find out what happened to her. Where does all of that hate come from?

    Oh that’s easy, she has to rub other people’s backs and isn’t satisfied with that, she actually detests doing that. It’s not quite as bad as being a male and demanding that your balls be waxed, but that would do me in psychologically. I mean I’d act out irrationally as well. She picked a worthless business to be in – how low can you go? Sorry to all the massage therapists reading this, but the few masseuse I know are too weird for me. Heck, one of them has several elderly customers. Every time she massages one of them, they up dying! I’m not kidding either!

  13. If she gets 80 years (or 70 or 60 or 50) it’s likely to get appealed and if she gets a liberal judge she may just get off. If however, she gets say 20 years with parole eligibility in 15 then the sentence will likely stick and act as a huge deterrence to all those who think these riots are exciting and just plain fun because they think there are no consequences to their actions. The ones that stay pillaging are the ones you have to worry about but then they are now standing out with no crowd for cover.

  14. JustAl has the right idea, I think. Instead of all the rigmarole and expense of go-nowhere prosecution, appeals, tax-paid lawyers and so on, just have these people work off the public debt based on a $15.00 minimum wage (taking out taxes, of course). And don’t let them do work they are qualified to do (like giving massages, for example). No. Make them do physical labor — cleaning up parks, removing graffiti, etc. (all under close supervision).

    We taxpayers save money a couple of ways putting criminals to work.

    I’ve often wondered if I could commit a big enough crime to go to jail just for a long rest. Someone else cooking my meals, free healthcare, all the time in the world to work on a book project, etc.

  15. I adore the fact that Donald Trump’s capos can charge a screeching Karen with 80 years in prison. Plus a few years of parole. For moving an already burning piece of trash.

    But they can’t charge Hillary Clinton for her treason. With an election coming up. And Joe Biden (might be) the Democratic assignee.

    Woo-hoo! Adults in da roo-oom!

  16. WOW! The earlier photo of her compared to the current one really illustrates her decline into liberalism. It’s ugly within and without.

    But like Rush said in his undeniable truths of life number 24: “Feminism (aka liberalism) was established so as to allow unattractive women easier access to the mainstream of pop culture.”


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