Rioter: ‘We’re Gonna Start Coming to the Suburbs’ “Ain’t nothing left here.”


A man interviewed on camera during last night’s chaos in Minneapolis warned that rioters are planning on “coming to the suburbs” if they don’t get what they want.

The twin cities were once again rocked by a night of absolute bedlam as more stores were looted and rioters set fire to the 3rd police precinct building, prompting cops to flee the scene.

“It’s real bogus, they gotta hit it right, otherwise this is what’s gonna happen, ain’t nothing left here so when we start coming to the suburbs, when we come to the government center, then what y’all gonna do?” the mask-wearing African American asks.

As we highlighted earlier, despite the riots spreading across the country and becoming more violent, the media is still describing the carnage as a legitimate “protest.”

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  1. “then what y’all gonna do?” the mask-wearing African American asks.

    -y’all got a big surprise coming your way

  2. The idiot says, “…then what y’all gonna do?”

    A foray like that will happen once. You sure as hell wouldn’t be getting anywhere near my home and I know my neighbors, such that there are, feel the same way.

    I’ve dropped deer at 200 yards, I mean dropped them where they stood. Good luck.

  3. With the economy booming the way it is I’m surprised those people can find the time off of the job to go out and riot.

    It’s usually only the idle with little purpose in life to occupy them that become rioters.

  4. “Is it time for a discussion about “consent of the governed” yet?”

    I think that’s what the protesters and rioters are already doing.

  5. Encouraged by every Democratic politician who wanted to destroy America from their held office but have been hindered by Trump.

  6. Another interview by Unicorn Riot stated that none of the destruction matters because Africa is where they belong and they’ve been “forced” to live in America, so America gets what it deserves. If they were offered free one-way tickets back to Africa what ya wanna bet that would be racist?

  7. Don’t pick a fight with an old man. If he’s too crippled to run, he’ll just kill you.

  8. This is what Soros is after. However I see where this would be very beneficial for our Constitutional Republic. Libtards will be easy for them to kill. Gun toting conservatives, not so much. The guy in the video isn’t smart enough to think this up on his own. So you can believe him.

  9. …c’mon down, we got everything you want!

    .38+P, .380, .45 ACP, 9mm, .223, 5.56×45, 7.62×39, 12 gauge, 20 gauge, and MORE, it’s ALL out here in the ‘burbs and set up on rapid delivery systems just for YOU, so, just like the Deep State you may not even know you work for, Come And Take Them, we’re waiting for YOU, too…

    …don’t hesitate, act NOW! We…I mean, you WON’T be disappointed!

    ..Surprised, perhaps, but not disappointed…

  10. Come to my area and you will breath no more. I live in a very conservative town! Ronny got 80% compared to our first Muslim President with 41% in ’00 (he did get 50% in ’04)! Many of the folk here were on the “news” in the Rodney riots of 30 years ago. We know FREEDOM IS NOT FREE. And we love freedom!

    ROOF KOREAN you or your kin live by me.

  11. Yeah, good luck with that. I know for sure that most of the people in my neighborhood are armed. And my house is sandwiched between two of those he-man neighbors who would consider that a great time on the ol’ town tonight.

  12. Hey MInnesota, reality check. 30 below doesn’t keep out the riff raff anymore and Minnesota Nice has literally gone up in flames, along with your liberal policies.

  13. …hang onto that “ain’t nothing left here” statement, homie, remember it well when you’re complaining about the “food desert” you’ve just created and trying to figure out why no one’s rebuilding their businesses with paid jobs there or replacing the housing you’ve just destroyed…

    …believe me, you haven’t seen the TRUE meaning of “ain’t nothing left here” yet.

    …but you WILL…

  14. I got an idea, how about a gathering at Nancy Pelosi’s house, hell she’s got lots and lots of expensive ice cream,. Just take her whole freezer but put her in it first.

  15. I’ve always said, if they aren’t destroying my neighborhood, there isn’t really anything I can personally do about them. I’m not a part of some force they can go elsewhere and do that kind of work. I’m just a guy trying to live with myself and my neighbors. I’ll never go visit a riot to try to do anything about it. But I will defend myself and my neighbors.

    Waiting to see the gold on their teeth is too close and too late.

    It’s time to shoot when they are walking down the street and starting fires.

    My street is a little over 500 yards long in a straight line.

    Well within my abilities and equipment. Add my thermal sights to the mix, and the only thing that can keep me from protecting my neighborhood is if I’m not home when it happens. Also add that I won’t be alone in defending it. This place sounds like a war zone every New Year’s. Mostly people from Mexico here and you can hear 6 to 15 shots being unloaded pretty much any day of the week. It’s unlikely to make to my street for that reason alone.

  16. there’s a viral vid of a ny cop pushing a woman who, it looks like, got right up in his face to yell at him. the cop pushed her hard and she fell and went to the hospital.

    i stand with the cop on this one. when you rush a cop to get in his face to yell at him, you deserve to get the shit kicked out of you.

    But, other than that, i’m immensely enjoying watching liberal cities BURN!

  17. Old Man Johnson
    MAY 30, 2020 AT 9:46 AM
    “Hey MInnesota, reality check. 30 below doesn’t keep out the riff raff anymore…” was kind of a “Tell” when Somalis took over Sweden that Cold wasn’t getting it done any more, but that’s only because of all the free warm clothing and free centrally-heated housing Whitey provided them, along with doing their hunting and butchering for them as well, leaving them free to rape and take the fruits of Western civilization as they saw fit, since their victims were stupid enough to provide all their basic needs.

    It’s like feeding and housing a criminal in your basement that comes out to steal your TV and breed your unwilling..and sometimes willing…daughter when he sees fit, because you feel bad about something someone WHO WASN’T YOU did to someone WHO WASN’T HIM somewhere else in both time and space…and you KEEP doing it.

    It’s madness, but here we are.

    Withdraw the fruits of life from those who will not work for them as the Bible says, and the cold will do the rest THEN…

    2 Thessalonians 3:10
    “For even when we were with you, this we commanded you, that if any would not work, neither should he eat.”

    …there’s a REASON for this verse.

    Look at any major American city this morning to see what that reason IS…

  18. “coming to the suburbs”…For the antifa portion of the riots, it’s called “going home”.

  19. Chicago mayor gordon lightfoot is now letting large gatherings go without police intervention.
    I know she means the rioters but will that also include church services?
    lake gatherings? Picnics? Weddings? Schools?

    Why is she mayor? If the inner city is really upset about Chicago life, they would show up to vote against unions, who vote for mayors like her.
    But I guess there’s no motivation, even when they’re miserable.

  20. The only reason the riots lasted beyond the first night is because they didn’t go to the suburbs.

  21. @Supernightshade
    Yes I agree, but best of luck getting any Minnesota politician to get on that train.
    When Dayton was governor, he said if you don’t like it (importing Somalis) you should move out of Minnesota.
    I took his advice 43 years ago.

  22. Well, let me give you a little advice. I, thankfully, live in a conservative state and we do not live under oppressive firearms laws. We grow up teething on guns, enjoy long range hunting, are well schooled / skilled at shooting and don’t tolerate too much crap from anyone. We also are hard working (I know that concept is hard to grasp), neighborly, easy to get along with and have survival skills unknown to city folks. We don’t have much trouble here because people like you know that if the authorities won’t stop the looting, burning and violence, the citizens will with no problem. We are known for our hospitality in our part of the country, but please, for your own sake, just leave us be. Contrary to people in your area allowing you to act like animals, we simply won’t. Remember that before you decide to take a break from the city to experience the tranquility of the country life.

  23. No way are they coming to the burbs, these people are so fucking lazy they could barely loot stuff from the stores, it took large numbers of them to do it. Plus how are they getting here? Uber? It’s like the joke “why did only 5000 Mexicans show up for the Alamo? Because they only had 2 station wagons.” If they do make let’a just say people will be asking me why some parts of my large backyard are so much greener than other parts?

  24. @ Wambam MAY 30, 2020 AT 9:26 AM
    “What’s the best bait to use on this kind of animal?”

    Big-screen TVs and Air Jordans.

  25. The rioters are all dumb as rocks and easily lured or herded into a carefully planned funnel with a surprise party in their honor at the other end.

    “What’s the best bait to use on this kind of animal?”

    I sure as shit ain’t running to Bro-jangles and catering a bunch of tailgate specials for ’em.

  26. I can’t read any more! OMG! These comments are so hilarious!
    @Hanoverfist and @Heretic!!! LOL!

  27. @MMinAR May 30, 2020 at 9:05 am

    > A foray like that will happen once.
    > …
    > I’ve dropped deer at 200 yards, I mean dropped them where they stood. Good luck.

    Luck has nothing to do with it. Never has. Never will.

    You are correct though, in the “Only once”. At least, no more than once, in disparate areas.

    But your “And then?” is predicated upon “your” government enforcing “your” will. On “them”. Same as it ever was.

    Oh! Look at the time, “patriots”! Loyal citizens. Loyal to The Party. The One Party. The True Party. The Party of The Constitution. Muh, I mean, their, Constitution.

    “Tick”, patriots. Maybe if you vote, hard enough. According to the rules of The Party. For the candidate(s) of The Party. (Subject to change, without notice.) Maybe if you “Get back to work!”, hard enough. According to the rules of The Party. For the bank of The Party. (Subject to change, without notice.) Maybe you’ll “earn” back your “tock”? Maybe.

    We all know, same as it ever is, what you’ll do. And not.

    That’s why “they” only need “once”.

  28. @Buck Turgidson May 30, 2020 at 9:15 am

    > Folks in suburbs esp red states are armed and have plenty of ammo.

    You are pretending(?) to not understand that is not a great, cosmic, secret.

  29. @Supernightshade May 30, 2020 at 10:02 am

    > “For even when we were with you, this we commanded you, that if any would not work, neither should he eat.”
    > …there’s a REASON for this verse.
    > Look at any major American city this morning to see what that reason IS…

    From what we’ve seen of these, the current, riots… and who is given The Holy Mother State’s protection, from them… it is because your G-d is a banker.

  30. OK, I need advice. I’ve got a 9mm pistol and an AR-15 semi-auto. Thinking of buying a shotgun, short-barrel.

    What’s the best shotgun to use on rioters if they invade my neighborhood?

  31. Cool. My neighbor has a collection of guns and ammo that would supply a small army for weeks.

  32. @Poor Lazlo May 30, 2020 at 10:51 am

    > (Vigorously whacking the iron triangle)
    > “Come and Get it!”

    I thought that was the Governor of Oregon?

  33. They come, it is in the dark of night, following them is the hyenas of the Media…screams are heard, some shots fired , then quiet before the sound of gunfire erupts and does not stop for some minutes. Then nothing until morning when you turn on the tv to see Biden and VP Hillary talking about you, the Media in full scream describing you, your family and neighbors as deplorable animals. .. the FBI shows up and soon you are all convicted and hung so that the nation can heal and congratulate that justice was served. Lessons about your depravity and racism are discussed daily for years and every child is taught to hate whites for their beliefs. Or , like our forefathers, you recognize that aristocracy is a system to support elites who can do nothing noble, do not build civilization and are evil in the world, sub human…so you fight on and rid the world of the Leftist ..

  34. 12 gauge, 18 inch barrel (14 inch if you wanna pay the registration tax and register it). With a Duckbill if you are lucky enough to find one (they’re a little rare but obtainable).

    Use #4 buckshot or lead BB and shoot low, aim at the lower legs on soft ground and at the pavement in front of them on hard surface (buckshot tends to skate along the surface and spread when fired at a low angle on a hard surface).

    Do not shoot at mid body or head height, the intent is to stop them from attacking you not to kill them. Besides, there’s way too much paperwork when you kill one and not nearly as much when you just poke some holes in his feet.

  35. Good choice. Personally, I favor an Ithaca 37 riot pump with 18” barrel and 7 shot tube. 870 Remington also quite effective.

    The worst of the bunch is terrific.

  36. Inner city peckerheads do not own enough organic transportation to threaten a suburb.

    Why the hell do you think they always burn down there own neighborhoods?

    What are gonna do homie, take the bus?

    Their ignorance should be stunning but its not…

  37. “DJT needs to RICO the ringleadersand paymasters.”

    Oh sure, another investigation that’ll go nowhere.

  38. Suburbs are to looters what roach motels are to roaches: you get to come in, but you don’t come out.

  39. @rechill May 30, 2020 at 3:13 pm

    > This is what we get for not picking our own cotton.

    This is what we get for some en-titled legacies’ ancestors refusing to pick their own cotton.

  40. Some things never change. After the Watts riots in 1965 one of the LA newspapers interviewed a rioter, and he was quoted as saying: Next time we’ll go up to Beverly Hills and burn that down.

    Actually, burning Beverly Hills down is not such a bad idea.

    Me and a friend went up in a Piper Cub during the riot and saw thick black smoke coming up from the Watts area. War zone.

    Phil Spector was on the Merv Griffin show during the riot and he commented that we had a Vietnam War situation right here in LA, and that he owned several guns to protect himself. Eartha Kitt gave him the shit-eye and Richard Pryor stood up and screamed. It’s an interesting video that you can see on You Tube most likely by searching Merv Griffin Phil Spector.

  41. I reload Ammo.

    Surprisingly how many of my once stand offist street neighbors a have visited recently. Each leaving with 10 of my “special” 12 Ga. reloads.

    Instead of pellets, I use 5/8″ brad finishing nails.
    Works great at 1 to 50 Ft.

    Have done a few loads using Sewing needles, glow in the dark plastic pellets and glitter also. But those are only good for 1 to 30 ft.

  42. do the idiots still call it ‘hunting’ with an ‘assault rifle’ when the animals actually come into YOUR neighborhood ?


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