Rioters Burn Down Under-Construction Low Income Housing Project

Rioters are generally stupid. Want proof?


St. Paul-based developer Wellington Management Inc. woke up on Thursday morning to find its under-construction, 190-unit apartment project in its Minnehaha Commons redevelopment near the intersection of Lake Street and Minnehaha Avenue in south Minneapolis had been torched and burned to the ground.

The six-story, 190-unit affordable housing project had been slated to open in the spring of 2021. A city of Minneapolis worksheet on the project listed the total development cost at approximately $37 million, including contingency and reserve funds; land and construction costs were about $30 million. The apartment project has been known as Midtown Corner.

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  1. rebuilding here or other riot-shopping areas is the same as rebuilding in hurricane, cyclone & annual flooding areas

  2. I have long contended that the real difference between a riot and a revolution is leadership.

    The widespread and growing suppressed anger among the public generated by the lockdowns has started breaking out in these riots with a simple police killing of a black as a focal point, it is just awaiting the emergence of leadership to direct and coordinate it.

    No one will escape the consequences, try to be ready to deal with them and stay out of it as much as possible if you can.

  3. Who is more stupid? The rioters destroying their own city or the leftist taxpayers who will cough up more money to rebuild it all and continue to vote for leftist government who enable the destructive and dangerous throwing of tantrums?

  4. The irony is that the welfare state and public housing is at the root of the problem, but that’s not why it got burned down.

  5. First we were told to integrate, then to judge by content of character, then to elect a minority president and then to give a leg up (affirmative Action) and all would be well! Now we have race baiting, incompetent and hate filled minority elected officials (including an ex-president), reward according to race, re-segregated communities (by choice), exclusive minority associations (including in Congress), minority identified communities, universities, and cliques! American cities are once again burning and minority people are looting, stealing and creating mayhem! Yeah that was great advice!

  6. For those interested in the ‘before’ shot of what it looked like under construction:,-93.2279402,17z/data=!4m5!3m4!1s0x0:0x5c3c27ac56fce47d!8m2!3d44.948065!4d-93.228026

    If you go west of there, about four blocks, you will see the former Target, AutoZone, Wendys, the 3rd Precinct (turns out built to withstand a riot minus the back door access) and the Rancho Nuevo (where they both worked) is across from the Maxit Pawn shop (torched two nights ago), and the Minnehaha Liqour store I watched them burn to the ground at 1:00AM last night, and the Arbys they torched as well, watched the neon sign fall in real time, bizarre shit.

    Floyd was killed at the intersection of 38th and Chicago ave, for context, on the other side of State Route 55:,-93.2644067,17z/data=!3m1!4b1!4m5!3m4!1s0x87f627de19ee94ad:0x656965ff9de6fce5!8m2!3d44.934308!4d-93.262218

    East of the housing project is a phone store (torched two nights ago) and the Public Libary, in which I saw a vid of them having to be convinced by a fellow rioter NOT to burn down…uuuh huh…they did not know it was EVEN a Library!!

    Had to be told it was one…get it?

  7. Happens everytime a black man is killed anywhere. This may be one of the few times the victim was innocent. There will never be peace in America again. Thanks obama, sharpton, jackson and congress.

  8. Well were movin on up,
    Too the East Side
    To A DEE LUXA PARTMENT in the Sky.
    Movin on up,
    To the east side.
    We Finally Got a Piece of the pie!

  9. $30M for 190 apartments is about $158,000/apartment. Sounds high priced for low income to me. Guess they were ticked off they weren’t expensive enough, and wanted the developers to start over.

  10. As many times as this has happened in America’s big cities, they never seem to burn down the welfare office.

  11. I can see KKK through the flames…look at it…they started the fire…Nazis…just so they could blame it on our black brothers…just like the Riechstag fire in 1934.


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