Rioters In Philadelphia Steal Abandoned Police Cars – Crash Them Into Each Other – IOTW Report

Rioters In Philadelphia Steal Abandoned Police Cars – Crash Them Into Each Other

Fox News

Looters were ransacking parts of Philadelphia on Sunday afternoon following a night of violent protests over the death of George Floyd, a black man who was killed by a white Minneapolis police officer earlier in the week.

Video captured by Fox 29 showed what appeared to a hijacked police car crashed into another vehicle. Other protesters could be seen ransacking another police car, smashing its windshield and emptying its contents out onto the street. The lingering unrest prompted city officials to order retail businesses closed and issue a curfew from 6 p.m. Sunday to 6 a.m. Monday. More

14 Comments on Rioters In Philadelphia Steal Abandoned Police Cars – Crash Them Into Each Other

  1. So how are the police going to be able to come and protect you if they can’t even protect their own cars they need to get there?

  2. It’s called anarchy.

    And we have a mumbling fool for an attorney general. And a crook heading the FBI.

    The FBI needs to raid brickn suppliers to find who places the pallets. Then just keep following the money all the way up to the leftist billionaire, and give them then Roger Stone treatment.

    But again: we have a mumbling fool for an attorney general and a crook heading the FBI.

  3. Wonder if they left fingerprints. Can’t tell me they didn’t have priors.

  4. I dunno.
    I don’t condone any of the destruction this weekend but I gotta admit playing demolition derby with police cars sounds kinda fun.

  5. If this keeps up they’re going to have to declare open season on all masks. Do an hourly EBS announcement (so no one can miss it) that the corona BS is over and NO face covering should be worn. After 12 hours, anyone wearing a mask in a riot area will be arrested or shot for resisting. Riots shut down nationwide overnight.

    THEN start tracking them down.

  6. They can stop saying these are “protests over the death of George Floyd” now. We all know that’s a lie.

  7. So I guess that now, when the police respond to calls in their police cruisers, that once they park their cruisers and go to handle the call, that those police cruisers are “abandoned” and available for use by anyone.

    “First come, first served!”

  8. Errm. Curfews? Not for me? Only for thee?

    Lemme lick the glass over muh Constitution.

  9. Didn’t they do the same thing when the Sixers won the Stupid Bowl??

  10. Dey was lookin for a reason for a destructive season. It ain’t Floyd it’s Soros agitiprop and the Demorats looking to destroy Trump, the America economy, capitalism, and the American way of life.

    As for me and my house – our guns are loaded and I ain’t stopping my car for a mob.

  11. Down here, it’s called “ghost riding.”

    Philadelphia: Hell’s Branch Office – Open 24/7 For Your Convenience.


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