Riots spread to L.A. – Corona Officially Over Now That Morons Have Something Else To Do

Not much social distancing going on in these videos.

The dems will pivot from corona, which is losing steam, and try and pin Floyd’s death, and the resulting reactions by their voter base, on Trump.

Behar Blames Trump For Death Of George Floyd By Minn. Police

One idiot fell off a moving police car and knocked himself out. They’ll be looting over that, I suppose. Never waste an opportunity to rob and steal with a measure of self-righteous impunity.

These moments reveal character. And there isn’t much in this crew.

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  1. I’m rooting for complete societal breakdown!

    It is the only just result of the lockdowns and riots from the left.

    Let them stew in the misery they have created.

    Make. Them. Pay.

  2. The natives are restless, it’s going to be a long hot Summer. I am glad that I live in a relatively safe part of the country. I think we may see a replay of 1968 with wide scale rioting and looting in America’s inner cities. God forbid. And a landslide election for President Trump if this keeps up.

  3. Remember when the media was trashing all those grandma-killing Spring Breakers and tracking their cell phones? Seems so long ago now.

  4. See, this is so stupid. Protest where it happened. peacefully.

    re: MN- What does looting Target have to do with anything? They just cost other black people their jobs! And who knows, they could shut down that store permanently and no one will have jobs or anywhere to shop.

    And leave the other cops across the country out of this. They weren’t involved, nothing to do with it.


  5. I’ve read where BLM management ( copies of their tweets) are really pushing for a nation wide long hot summer. Plan accordingly. On a positive note, the KungFlu will be out of the news cycle.

  6. Geoff the aardvark
    MAY 28, 2020 AT 11:28 AM
    “…I am glad that I live in a relatively safe part of the country. ”

    …don’t get too cocky about that…I thought that once too, then the 2001 race riots in safe, boring Cincinnati where people were being pulled out of their cars on Vine Street (a major North/South thoroughfare) and beaten without warning for the high crime of being White…the genesis was a series of Black police-involved deaths (some that involved Black officers, but never mind the details now, then as now it was stupid), but the Police responded with abject surrender so the County Sherriff had to restore order himself…

  7. Behar:

    …there’s this feeling that it’s open season on — on these people.

    “These people”, Joy? Really? RAAACISSSST!


    It’s very frustrating. I don’t know what else to say about it at this point. There are no words anymore. It’s got to be stopped.

    Agreed. So STFU already.

  8. The negroes are revolting!

    Well, if we didn’t know then, we know now. This is orchestrated. A last-ditch effort to undermine the Republic. Betcha dollars to donut holes that the cops who murdered George Floyd are registered Demonrats. Their part of the plan was carried out in full view – kinda weird, ain’t it? Crush the life out of an innocent while staring at the phone video-ing the act? Who gave them their orders? We cannot expect the corrupt FBI or DoJ to get any answers, so … what? … everything just up in the air while the opportunistic maggots loot? America just stands by once more while the forces of dissolution work?

    Can’t trust the cops.
    Can’t trust lawyers.
    Can’t trust Judges.
    Can’t trust the gov’t.
    Can’t trust the Governor.
    Can’t trust the Legislatures.
    Can’t trust the Senate.
    Can’t trust the FBI.
    Can’t trust the CIA.
    Can’t trust the NSA.
    Can’t trust the Army.
    Can’t trust the Navy.
    Can’t trust the Air Force.
    Can’t trust the Coast Guard.
    Can’t trust the Space Force.
    Can’t trust the Media.
    Can’t trust Academia.
    Can’t trust a fart.

    See what they’ve done, here?
    They’re shaking the Republic to its foundations.

    Hold on! Gonna get bumpy!

    izlamo delenda est …

  9. ^^^MJA…go to Gateway Pundit and watch the videos. Horrifying. And no one will even go to jail. Well maybe the victim.

  10. Once the causation points back to the welfare state, everyone will get quiet and then we’ll do it all over again.

  11. …and then they can’t figure out why no one invests in “The Community”, and why they end up in “food deserts”…

  12. …and I REALLY don’t know how they always end up burning down the Autozone, but that’s practically an icon of the modern riot…

    …interestingly, when I searched this PARTICULAR one, my phone blandly returned it as “Permanently Closed”.

    …wonder why…/s,rc_f:rln,rc_ludocids:16627052582565693737,ru_lqi:ChxhdXRvem9uZSBidXJuaW5nIG1pbm5lYXBvbGlzIgOIAQFInpa7i92BgIAIWjgKEGF1dG96b25lIGJ1cm5pbmcQABABGAAYAiIcYXV0b3pvbmUgYnVybmluZyBtaW5uZWFwb2xpc4ABAQ

  13. Remember back to last year when reports were saying BLM was accessing and collecting names and home addresses of Trump supporters? Just saying, plan for the worst and hope for the best. A good alarm system, like a spooky dog, and the ability to shoot are probably mandatory. They may not stay in the hoods this time.

  14. Rembrr The Plan, folks. Once urban riots and civil disobedience becomes widespread, Deep State will release Ebola in major cities.

  15. Future Headline, June 15, 2020: Scientists are baffled by 2nd Wave of Coronavirus only in the Black communities of Minneapolis and Los Angeles.

  16. Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH B Woodman

    Many of those conservatives live near me! We all know that FREEDOM IS NOT FREE! We will not let the UNIPARTY make us feel!

  17. flip
    MAY 28, 2020 AT 1:32 PM

    Rembrr The Plan, folks. Once urban riots and civil disobedience becomes widespread, Deep State will release
    Ebola in major cities.

    obummer himself signed an EO that makes ‘the Kigali Principles,’ in effect whenever the (fkn) UN thinks the US is in social upheaval – the UN gets to go into police action whenever, whereever it deems necessary

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