Riots, Violent Crime, ‘Defund Police’ Push Surged In June. Gun Sales Exploded To All-Time High, FBI Data Suggests.

Daily Wire:

The number of FBI background checks conducted last month for people attempting to purchase firearms shattered the previous all-time record, and experts say the surge in gun sales was directly tied to current events rocking the United States.

“The new coronavirus pandemic, civil unrest after the killing of George Floyd and the ensuing movement to defund police are bringing in new buyers worried about their personal safety, according to buyers, store owners and gun experts,” The Wall Street Journal reported. “In June, background checks for firearms were up 136%, compared to a year earlier … background checks in June for civilians seeking a license to carry were the highest since the FBI began conducting checks 20 years ago.”

FBI statistics that were released at the start of the month showed that 3,931,607 background checks were processed last month, which is by far the most ever recorded. The previous all-time record was set in March—when parts of the U.S. began going into shutdown over the coronavirus—when 3,740,688 were conducted. read more

6 Comments on Riots, Violent Crime, ‘Defund Police’ Push Surged In June. Gun Sales Exploded To All-Time High, FBI Data Suggests.

  1. I bought Ruger stock a couple of weeks ago. Duh, should have bought it on June 1 after the ‘peaceful protests’. Looking forward to seeing their Q2 financials in a couple of weeks.

  2. Hubby is an easy going guy. This crap with the Kung Flu doesn’t rattle him. BUT, all involved recently have plenty of ammo. 😉

  3. Wait until the civil unrest when no one is convicted of murdering Floyd.

    There needs to be a separate and concurrent movement to address the problems in policing. Ending qualified immunity, civil asset forfeiture, excessive force, no knock raids and the militarizarion of departments.

    Because BLM and the hard left that supports them want death to America and no police.

  4. If you possess an Idaho Enhanced Carry permit, there is no background check. Ya pays yer money, and ya takes yer gun. (A driver’s license is all you need to carry here, but no skipped background check.)

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