RIP Bill Withers

This one is a sad one to me.

I am a big Bill Withers fan. And like so often happens, his biggest hit (Lean On Me) is not a song I particularly like. But, here’s to you Mr. Withers. You were a great talent.

He was 81.

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  1. Bill Withers was and is especially loved by both of my parents.

    So so talented. Today is a sad day. :'(

  2. After the war I ran into him a few times at “Lil Hanky Panky’s”. He worked down Lakewood at Douglas. Both are long on. douglas is many things: shopping center, housing track, ware houses… Lil is I think a dental office.

    Hey – he was near me in age!

    For a swabby he was a good man.

    I hope I live to vote Don again!
    Do not know Bill’s politics; but my guess is he was not GWB liberal.

    this was before he was a big star BTW

  3. Had a “best of” CD and went through a huge Bill Withers phase about 5 years ago. So many great songs I never knew besides the radio hits.

    “Hello Like Before” is one of the most beautiful and moving songs.

    By the way: it’s 26….the number of times he says “I know” in “Ain’t No Sunshine.”

  4. “Just the Two of Us”, I sent Mary Hatch this song on a ‘make up’ mixed cassette tape in 1988. The bass line and the sax are quite nice.

    Thanks Bill. You were a fantastic songwriter. RIP.

    Whenever ‘Sunshine’ would EVER come on the radio car or at home, it would and will get cranked.

    Thanks @JS.

  5. Most of You are too old to remember 😉

    That DJ’s would do a Live Feed outside of a local business..

    Lantham’s Hardware in Springfield Illinois (Grandview) Had a

    giveaway and I got an 45 Disc by Bill Withers…Lean on Me on one

    side…and (Memory failing) Ain’t no Sunshine on the other?? Maybe

    12 years old…Ended up anchoring Lantham Hardware’s Bowling Team

    from 86 to 89….

  6. In a time when i was rocking and rolling with aerosmity, pink floyd, kiss, I loved him. he was awesome.

  7. We are so blessed to have been of an age when these songs were popular. Withers’ “Lovely Day” is a song that I purposely bring to mind and let run through my head all day long when I need to. “Just one look at you…and the world’s all right with me.”

    I was at a client’s a month or so ago and Lovely Day played on her toddler’s childrens’ songs CD (it was beautifully sung by someone else, too).

  8. “his biggest hit (Lean On Me) is not a song I particularly like.”

    I don’t either. But I suspect that for me, partly, it’s because so many people covered the song so badly.

  9. I know many of his songs. But had no idea his hometown is only about seventy miles from my hometown, in the neighboring county. RIP.

  10. “Just the Two of Us”. Ghost sent to me on a recording back in 1988. Can’t believe it was that long ago. Life is precious. Say your prayers everyday! Thank the Lord for everything you have. I can’t believe myself how things have worked out so perfectly. God Bless.

  11. CIsco
    I tried to give you 50 clicks,! Too bad Maxine couldn’t see this, but then can she even read?

    Got an idea Bill is singing to our Lord now. Rest in eternal peace gentle voice

  12. I think “Lean On Me” lost some shine by being included in one of that asshole stephen king’s stories…not due to any lacking of the songwriter/performer.
    RIP, Mr. Withers.


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