RIP Charlie

This is the tough part about getting to know these pets. They leave us too soon.

ShakenBake has lost his Charlie, the Boxer.

“… we have had Charlie for over 9 years. He truly was my buddy. When I was at my lowest lows, the sucker just knew. That dog looked after me. Would follow me around, come check on me. It was just the craziest thing. A 75 pound dog that liked nothing better than sitting on my lap and going to sleep.  Lexi is gonna be lost like the rest of us without him. Damn he was a good dog…”. – ShakenBake

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  1. @ShakenBake – It is good to know you have such positive recollections of life with Charlie. Our departed non-human partners are kept alive by such memories, as are, in a way, we ourselves kept alive. RIP Charlie

  2. Nine years or eighteen, we out live our pets and it teaches us to be responsible stewards of their lives while they’re here. They reward our love with theirs. Preserve the precious memories.

  3. Shakenbake – I’m so sorry for your loss. The love and companionship of a good dog are some of God’s greatest gifts.

    What a handsome fellow Charlie was!

  4. May he find eternal peace and happiness,
    running through heavenly fields with God,
    enjoying the company of all our lost loved ones,
    as he patiently waits for you to be reunited with him.

  5. Sorry to hear this Shake, thoughts to you, your family and Jess. I love boxers and their inherent goofyness and butt shaking when they’re excited. Great dogs.

  6. i am so very sorry for your loss

    long time reader first time poster and of course it is the dogs that get me to post. to anyone that has two dogs, when one goes, what to do ? well my experience 2 1/2 yrs ago was this. i have the pleasure of having two american pitbull terriers. I am retired from the NYPD and have seen up close and personal the horrors of what these noble animals go thru.

    long story short, my pops (retired USMC) calle and said he found a little dog (year earlier i had put my rottie down due to cancer) i drove over and it was a pitbull puppy. five years later i scooped one up from a rescue group. fast forward about 10 years and the boy was about 14 it was time so i had put hi down, now wtf do i do with my girl.

    i took off from work for 5 days and just walked her for hours to get her moving forward. then 4 months later i said wtf am i doing, she is great with other dogs so let me spring one out of a rescue. they had 80 pitbull type dogs at the NY bully crew out east on long island first dog paula met was big brutus, she went into a play bow and i said “dude, i think im good with him” guy couldn’t believe it and said we have 79 more, i replied”it aint about me, she digs him so we are outta here” and that was that. he was 63 lbs the day we met, now the big baby is 95 and their relationship is incredible. to wind things up, get the dog you have now out n about, movement is key, then after a bit start poking around rescues if that is your thing or a reputable breeder

    yet another lesson from a four legged friend, move forward, never forget, but keep moving forward and be a lttle open, just a little

  7. I’m so sorry to hear of Charlie’s passing. RIP good boy. It’s truly a very sad day when you lose one of your best buddies. 🙁

    Take care, Shakenbake. Sending you a hug.

  8. …my heart goes out to you, @shakenbake, as my nephew had a wonderful 100 pound boxer, Archie, that looked a lot like your Charlie, and he was one of the sweetest, most loving dogs you’d ever see, even if he WOULD beat you down in his enthusiasm to greet you and get those big ol’ paws up on your shoulders…

    …Archie was a bright fellow and fiercely loyal to his human family, and while he could knock you down if he knew you with his enthusiastic tail-wagging, wasn’t NO ONE getting close to my nephew or my sister-in-law while HE was around, if they didn’t WANT them to…

    …Archie was taken from us too soon, with a bone cancer that started in one of his forepaws, but he lives on in the hearts of everyone who ever knew him. Some would say that it’s mean of God to give us such great companions who are fated to be with us for such a short time; I prefer to consider myself blessed that God loved me and mine enough to bless us with such a token of His love and compassion for us by sending us such wonderful companions at ALL, to teach us about love and loyalty, and yes, teach us about loss, but ALSO demonstrate just a small sample of the love that awaits us just across the Rainbow Bridge when we are joyously reunited with the beloved pets that a kindly God put beside us to help us while on Earth, but forever playing tug-of-war on the lush fields of Heaven when we need a break from golden streets and pearl gates.

    I look forwards to thanking the Lord for the time I got to spend with Archie, even though he was not my own; I want to see him pin my Jesus to the walls of Heaven as he smilingly licks my laughing Lord who made such love for us, and share praises with my Lord for the wonderful companions he provided me with over the years.

    I’m sure the Lord will be well pleased with how Archie fulfilled his role for us.

    And it sounds like he will be equally pleased with your Charlie.

    It seems likely to me that Charlie and Archie may even be playing together right now at the feet of our Lord. Thank Him for your time with Charlie, and know that He awaits you in Heaven where you can join the game yourself, once you, after many years, lay your own trophies down at last and join them.

    God Bless,

  9. Oh, Shakenbake, I’m so sad with you. The bond we build with our loved critters never breaks. Our heart do, but not that bond. It changes after time to fond memories that always have that underlying sting of loss. But we smile and say, “He was worth the pain of loss to know the joy of together”.

    He was such a beautiful boy.

  10. Condolences, S&B; hang in there, you’ll adjust. The Mighty Odin died last November; bone cancer in his left shoulder. He was about 12, but lived with me for six years (his best years, I like to think ;D). Take heart in the idea that they are all waiting for us to catch-up with them.

  11. You have my sincerest condolences. It’s tough to lose a buddy like that. 🙁

    BFH paintings of my departed pets are a comfort.

  12. Poor guy. Sorry to hear about your loss. I love boxers and yes, they do tend to think they are lap dogs. 🙂

  13. I know Charlie left a hole in your heart. So glad you have that BFH painting so he is forever with you.

  14. You have my sincerest condolences on the loss of Charlie. I lost my Sarah about this time last year and now have Kanelos. Both were older, rescues from Greece. I firmly believe that when we pass into the light that not only will our family members that went on before us be there to welcome us home but so will all the furry friends that became family along the way.

  15. @Danny Cunningham – Welcome. Always nice to meet another dog-loving patriot. Don’t be a stranger.

  16. @shakenbake – simply put, that sucks, especially at this time when so many of us are, now, are around our pets more than ever.

    And @Danny Cunningham – Welcome…and thank for your service ‘on the job’, glad you made it out.

    @BFH – as always, VERY well done…

  17. Danny Cunningham, I join with the others to welcome you to the comment section! Love it when long time readers decide to comment. Makes me smile! Don’t be a stranger😊

  18. ShakenBake My condolences on the loss of a much loved family member. Charlie looks like a true sweetheart. You gave him a wonderful home where he thrived. I know your many memories and BFH’s pet portrait will a great comfort.

    Welcome Danny Cunningham. This is the only sane place on the Internet (cough, cough).

  19. Thank you all. At 49 years old, i finally understand. Had never before had a pet that close. I can not explain it in words. But i know many of you out there know exactly what i mean. He truly is irreplaceable. One of a kind. Although i am deeply saddened (yes i cried like a little girl)and will/do miss him immensely, i do know that he had a great life.

    They say dogs don’t have a soul. Well, that may be true. But i’m telling you there was something different about Charlie. Big old goofy fun loving caring playful Charlie.

    It’s gonna be a long day today. But those past 9+ years would have been a lot longer and harder if he had not been here. I love that dog.

  20. For the record, animals have souls, aka personalities. NO one can tell be any two critters are alike, just like humans.

    We all have our fave people/(personalities) and we all have our favorite Critter(s).

    And @Shakenbake- whoever’they’ are, they are wrong.

  21. Shakenbake – as Wll Rogers said:

    “If there are no dogs in Heaven, then when I die I want to go where they went.”

    But I have to believe there are dogs in heaven. Otherwise, it wouldn’t be heaven.

  22. Dogs are Gods greatest gift to mankind, their selfless love and honesty means God can only abide them to be on loan to us for a short time, but they give us a lifetime of love with every minute they are here.

    You can count on it that he will be waiting for you on the other side because dogs define heaven.

  23. Dogs may not have souls but they do have a double secret way of getting into heaven. Pretty sure the saints let them in the back door when God answers the front door.

  24. I’m so sorry for your loss. I truly am. I know how hard it is and very hard to get over. But I agree with Danny Cunningham. You need to move forward. There are so many amazing dogs out there that need a great home to grow and learn and be loved. You will know what you want and need to do but my thoughts and prayers are with you. Know that you have so much to give to another beautiful dog. Go for it!

  25. This is such a sad thing to get over. I love dogs so much that I have to remind myself that the joy comes first and it always ends in pain when they leave us. I’m so sorry for your loss. May your memories bring a smile.


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