RIP Country Music Hall of Fame member Charlie Daniels dies at 83


Charlie Daniels, a member of the Country Music Hall of Fame best known for “The Devil Went Down to Georgia,” died Monday morning after suffering a hemorrhagic stroke. He was 83.

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  1. I know the devil didn’t get your soul. Thanks for all the great tunes you’ve left us, thoughts and prayers for your family. 🕊️❤️🙏

  2. Another good man gone. Thanks for the music and thanks for your loyalty to our country. God bless your family. So long for now Charlie!

  3. That’s a man I will shed some tears for. God speed Charlie, you are a National Treasure.

  4. I remember as a kid every time the Devil Went Down to Georgia played on the radio they bleeped out when he said son of a bitch. The good old days. RIP

  5. Charlie Daniels was a hard worker, still touring last year.
    I saw Charlie in like 1975 along with Marshall Tucker.
    Still memorable.

  6. Hemmorhagic stroke. Fancy way of saying he had a weak vessel in his brain that blew out. The bane of old age, as our vessels get thinner. He’s lucky it took him outright instead of leaving him witless and drooling, unable to control half his body or half his face, lying in a nursing home bed until some Liberal governor takes a mind to park a COVID patient next to him so he can be made to vote Democrat sooner.

    Yes, it’s a blessing of the Lord he didn’t have that, at least not publicly. It’s better to remember a man such as this as he was the last time we saw him, hale and hearty and in full control of his faculties to the end.

    Sadly, he won’t get a chance to play the devil down, as I’m sure the Lord added him to the heavenly choir forthwith. And won’t that gruffness stand out in that angelic choir, and the harp player’s gonna have to have a hiatus to make room for that fiddle!

    Sadly, the devil DID come down to Georgia, and he’s stomping around there as we speak, dividing, destroying, devouring who he may, for he knows his time is short. A good thing Mr. Daniels doesn’t have to see it happen.

    Mr. Daniels doesn’t need our prayers any more, he’s gone to his reward, but he leaves behind a wife and a son and three grandchildren who are greiving today, as well as legions of fans. As powerful a force as he was for those of us who know him only through his songs, imagine the pain they must feel to have such a wonderful man removed suddenly from their lives. That type of brain injury tends to not present until it kills you, and given that he did have a stroke before, it probably didn’t take very long for it to do so.

    Pray for them.

    Lord, please touch those that a greiving the loss of this great man, dry their tears, comfort them with that Blessed Assurance that he does continue with the Lord and that they all may be reunited with him when the Lord sees fit to do so. We know that all those that we love will die, and that should make the sweetness of our time together greater, let them focus on those times as the pain of this temporary separation fades into fond rememberance for this remarkable man to us that was husband, father, and grandpa to them. May we all take this as another incentive to draw closer to the Lord that we may hear him in the heavenly choir ourselves, and rise above the mundane things in this sin-sick and dying Earth that will be born anew under the governance of that same Lord soon and very soon.

    And we ask it all in the precious name of Jesus,

    God Bless,

  7. RIP, Charlie…you were a good man, and I do believe God is gonna welcome you with open arms. I pray God will comfort your family with the knowledge that you’re in His hands.

  8. Meet him as a local contact on one of his tours a few years back – a true gentleman and friendly man who left others with a positive opinion and an uplift – not only did he believe in his music but his faith, his country, and our common goals and vision as Americans.

    Truely left more to the world than he took. Thanks (call me Charlie!) Mr. Daniels.

  9. A great talent! Played many string instruments, well! Unlike many “stars” he loved Americans!
    God speed “Long Haired Country Boy”!

  10. I saw Charlie Daniel’s with Joe Walsh back in 1975, he put on a heck of show. Still have my ticket stub.

    It’s funny, I watched Urban Cowboy twice this past month on a classic movie channel, he puts in a good performance there too, he also loved our military. Aww, we’re gonna miss ya! 😢

  11. Saw him in concert in Mobile, Ala in 1975 with Peter Frampton, then Charlie Daniels Band, then Lynard Skynard. One of the guitarist’s for LS was sick, so they called him back to the stage and he never missed a lick playing LS songs for 2 hours. Was one of my favorite shows ever. RIP, Mr Daniels, they are waiting for you in heaven to complete their Southern Rock Medley orchestra.

  12. He was Great and always a fun character to watch!

    Youtube: “Simple Man” – Shit Kickin Musac!

    Very easy to figure out where he stood on things.

    I will spend the night listening to his music and having too many drinks for him.

  13. Right after Urban Cowboy turned Mechanical Bulls into a thing I saw Charlie Daniels at a Bay Area Country Western Bar/club (the place was huge) called the Saddle Rack. He was extremely over weight and sweated profusely while performing. I remember thinking at the time that this guys life expectancy wasn’t good. I’m glad I was wrong. We lost a great Patriot.

  14. It brought tears to my eyes when I heard about the passing of Charlie Daniels today. I read his “Soap Box” that he posted on his web page for a few years now. He was so spot on about our Country, which he LOVED and the President. I would go back to old Soap Box posts he did when OB was president and the tone was so distressed. Unfortunately, he was so upset what was happening to POTUS and what “they” were doing to our country now. He actually wrote something on July 4th this year. Say a Pray. His soul has gone to be where he belongs and I know he will watch over all of what his happening and will give us strength that GOD WINS!

  15. Awwww, not more tweets from him. What a beautiful man. God was ready to show him around Heaven and play some fiddle music.

  16. Brad
    40 years ago I took my kids to the County Fair. they had a “bull”. I wanted to show my Jr. High daughter her ol man was still a stud(middle aged actually). so I rode it 2 times TWICE! I could not find a way to sit the next day that did not hurt!
    But I held on with 1 hand and waved my feather hate in the other and shouted “Yee Haa!”.

    The things dads do!

  17. bill JULY 6, 2020 AT 5:39 PM
    “but yet cher, streisand, madonna and middler live on.

    some times life just doesn’t seem fair”

    …Conversion of Malignancy theory, the more evil someone is, the longer they live.

    …look at the Democrat leadership ALONE and see if it’s not true…

    …I think it’s a combo that the devil still finds them useful so he won’t claim them yet, and they refuse to die because they KNOW what’s WAITING for them…×300.jpg?resize=300%2C300

  18. bill JULY 6, 2020 AT 5:39 PM
    “but yet cher, streisand, madonna and middler live on.

    some times life just doesn’t seem fair”

    …another theory on the seeming longevity of evil, advanced by Dante, was that they ARE, in fact, in hell ALREADY, but their bodies time is not up, but since they were SO evil their souls were driven from their bodies into hell and a demon left in place to use up their bodies’ natural time…

    “…Then he replied: “I am Friar Alberigo;
    He am I of the fruit of the bad garden,
    Who here a date am getting for my fig.”
    “O,” said I to him, “now art thou, too, dead?”
    And he to me: “How may my body fare
    Up in the world, no knowledge I possess.
    Such an advantage has this Ptolomaea,
    That oftentimes the soul descendeth here
    Sooner than Atropos in motion sets it.
    And, that thou mayest more willingly remove
    From off my countenance these glassy tears,
    Know that as soon as any soul betrays
    As I have done, his body by a demon
    Is taken from him, who thereafter rules it,
    Until his time has wholly been revolved.
    Itself down rushes into such a cistern;
    And still perchance above appears the body
    Of yonder shade, that winters here behind me.
    This thou shouldst know, if thou hast just come down;
    It is Ser Branca d’ Oria, and many years
    Have passed away since he was thus locked up.”
    “I think,” said I to him, “thou dost deceive me;
    For Branca d’ Oria is not dead as yet,
    And eats, and drinks, and sleeps, and puts on clothes.”
    “In moat above,” said he, “of Malebranche,
    There where is boiling the tenacious pitch,
    As yet had Michel Zanche not arrived,
    When this one left a devil in his stead
    In his own body and one near of kin,
    Who made together with him the betrayal…”
    Dante, “Inferno”, Canto XXXIII

    …it WOULD explain ALL the old Democrats recent behavior very, very well…


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