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RIP David Bowie

I cannot tell you how big a fan I am/was of his. (Past tense Bowie is hard to imagine.)

Yes, yes, metrosexual. Weird. I understand.

His music was innovative and influenced the decades to come.

Bowie had cancer that he was keeping a secret. He was 69.

I had to put together a playlist.

Thank you, David Bowie.



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  1. Ah, your kidding! I wish. 🙁 First I’m hearing of it. Yes, loved Bowie. Diamond dogs. ..station to station… r.i.p.

  2. Eternal rest grant unto him, O Lord, and let perpetual light shine upon him. May the souls of the faithful departed, through the mercy of God, rest in peace. Amen.

  3. Not my favorite music but it was ok. He always creeped me out.
    Bing and Bowie what an odd pairing.
    Never would have thought a big tough guy like you would be into him.

  4. I like all sorts of music, but alternative music when I was 14 was Bowie, T. Rex, Mott the Hoople. (In that order.) What can I say? Bowie was my youth and teen years.
    I wasn’t too much of a fan by the time the 90s came around.

  5. This is a tough one. This one brought tears. I didn’t realize how much a part of my formative years he was, plus it was so unexpected.

  6. Nice to see vinyl I only listen to Long Play albums. I have several DD turntables.
    You must be in your late 40’s.
    I like/used to like Mott the Hoople have not heard the name for years.
    My wife grew up during the Big Hair band days. Her taste in music is God awful.
    I not sure if she likes Bowie. I guess I’ll find out Tommorow.
    If Bon Jovi died she would fall apart.

  7. Spare a thought for the golden globe winners whose awards presentation will be over shadowed by news of David Bowies passing. Ah no.

  8. Of all rock, hair metal is my least favorite. Of course there are a few songs here and there that I listen to and like. But as a genre, not my thing.

  9. Yeah he was pretty odd in a cool way-had a bunch of his stuff on vinyl, but by the time CDs came around, I never made the switch and have hardly listened to his stuff for a couple decades.

    Godspeed dude.

  10. At least he had a long life. It kills me when younger artists I like die.
    Mr. Pinko will be very upset by this news. He used to wear his hair like Bowie.

  11. I just woke up and read the headline. The man was a music genius.
    I respect him even more for going out without making it public about his diagnosis.
    RIP Ziggy Stardust

  12. Loved his music and a great talent. Saw him in concerts for his Young Americans, Station to Station, Let’s Dance, and Glass Spiders tours. One of my most favorite songs of his (which according to Wikipedia he never sang live) is “We are the Dead” from the DD album. Also, if you want to check out two of his most beautiful ballads, listen and enjoy “Wild is the Wind” (a cover) and “Word on a Wing” both on the Station to Station CD.

  13. Same for me. HIs music confused me and opened me up at the same time. All the talent is going to Heaven lately. RIP DB.

  14. Funny you mention that… I went into a high end Stereo shop when I was in college to look at all the cool stuff I couldn’t afford and heard both Mott and Bowie for the first time.
    RIP David Bowie.

  15. BFH, I loved T. Rex and am glad to come upon someone else who knew Bolan’s band. Bowie also was a big part of my teen years and lots of my inspiration to draw (believe it or not) came from him, even though before then I couldn’t draw a stick figure. Dug through some of my old pics last year with fond memories of a really great artist.

  16. Doing what I do, I would have loved taking care of him. It would have been quite a unique end of life. Can you imagine?

  17. As a teenager I loved Bowie, having “discovered” him in a magazine of my brother’s. Possibly best song ever for him: “Lady Grinning Soul.” NR, same here, brought some surprising tears.

    Thank you for the music, Bowie, and rest in peace.

  18. What a shock. Was just talking about when he and Bing sang together. Glad to see you posted that one. “The Man Who Fell to Earth” was one of the two worse movies I ever saw. Loved “Space Oddity”. He was weird but compelling. Music video “Dancing in the Street” with Mick Jagger in ’85 still gets my toes tapping.


  19. Bowie was a musical genius, prolific songwriter, innovative, a chameleon of performance art. I was never a big fan but I can recognize game changers, and Bowie was definitely a game changer.

    As much as I can’t stand her, a tip o’ the hat to my second wife; she was a HUGE Bowie fan.

  20. Damn. Can’t tell you how many hours of enjoyment his music gave me.

    Road trips with my daughter, after her mother passed with a mix CD of his songs that we all loved. My daughter, Emily, put that CD together.

    He had something to say, and did so.

    Thank you David. You made this place… better.

  21. I’m gonna have to watch “The Life Aquatic” again. Seu Jorge’s Portuguese interpretations of Bowie tunes are worth the price of admission alone.

  22. There is a Happy Land

    Mother calls, but we don’t hear
    There’s lots more things to do
    It’s only 5 o’clock, and we’re not tired yet
    But we will be, very shortly


  23. RIP Mr. Bowie, you left quite a legacy in music. He was a bit creepy in his early years but kind of settled down and continued to create some wonderful music. I think the dancing with Mick Jagger was a little over the top though. 🙂

  24. Ah, Bowie. What can I say? Big Fur Hat and I became pals when we met in a Rock and Roll night club listening to bands play Bowie covers. We put together our own band to play Suffragette City and other rockers.
    Also, around the same I started dating Mrs. Curtain. When I saw all the Bowie albums she had I thought she might be the one.
    To this day, not a week goes by that I don’t pick up a guitar and play a Bowie song.
    I hope he’s shaking old pal, Mick Ronson’s hand in heaven right now and they’re pondering a Spiders From Mars reunion tour of paradise.

  25. When I was the entertainer on Amtrak Train 81, the Silver Star (NY-Miami) in 1974, I met Bowie. He was afraid to fly, they said, and travelled gig-to-gig by train. He got on at Orlando and that night, heading north, his entourage traipsed by my little stage on the way to the dining car. He told me he’d be back to play with me. 4 hours later the group stumbled back, pretty sloshed. He filled out a “feedback card” that the management wanted me to hand out. It’s back in NY but he signed it, “Me and Kerouac Dig It. Bowie ’74.”

  26. Yep. I do believe the 2 bands you are referring to are Wowee, and some obscure band named Twisted Sister.

    My girlfriend at the time had nothing but Bowie, T. Rex, Mott the Hoople and Slade on the record player.
    She wore face decals, little copper bells for a necklace, peasant blouses, baby’s breath in the hair, and patchouli.
    It was the post Woodstock era where they weren’t quite hippies, they weren’t quite glam yet.
    If you watch early Bowie live videos you’ll see the audience hasn’t quite caught up to the Bowie look yet.
    He definitely was that bridge from hippie to glam.

  27. Well, heck. He was part of the soundtrack to my high school and art school years. China Girl on MTV…*sigh* Bowie and Iman-was there ever a more unique and beautiful couple?

  28. RIP and thanks for the memories. Ironic that I woke up thinking about the day Lennon died, then read this.

    Yet another, “Day the Music Died”.

    We have so much to be thankful for, so much we take for granted.

    A hundred years ago the quiet well off could afford a Gramaphone and a few cylinders. A few decades earlier every musical talent ever born was lot when they died. Now I can slip on my headphones plug in my phone of all things and listen to Bowie, Bing, Mozart, and music written during the Renaissance without even pushing a real “button”..

  29. A few years ago we were invited to a party at a friend’s flat in NYC, which was in the same building Bowie lived at the time (different floor). When we arrived our friend opened the door and with a bit of embarrassment said, “Yea, my lips and nostrils are henna red. Get over it.” She then explained that she and another girl had gone to Bowie’s floor that afternoon (the reason she never said), and notice that his door was open (apparently the maid had gone to get some cleaning supplies), so they went in. After looking around they found what they thought was a small canister of hashish, grabbing it they hurried back to their flat, put some in a pipe, and lit it up. Turns out it was some old henna David had kept from his red hair days. When I heard of Bowie’s death, all I could think of was the girl at the door with the red henna lips.

    We’re big fans too. Lots of old vinyl . . .

  30. One of the first rock stars I really followed. My Brother brought Diamond Dogs home when I was about 12 (74, 75?) and I loved his music ever since. I got to see him on the “Let’s Dance” tour in 1983 – very cool, great show. Talent is talent and he had a ton of it!

  31. For me he is way overrated. He was OK, sometimes, in small to moderate doses. I have quite a few of his albums on vinyl and CD, but cannot even guess when the last time I listened to one was.

  32. I had to dig my turntable out of a box I packed it in 10 years ago, to play all of my old Bowie albums.

    The remastered CD and MP3 versions have better sound quality, but nothing takes you back like vinyl. 😉

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