RIP Flounder (Stephen Furst)

He was 63

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  1. Damn,that sucks and it also means I’m getting old.
    That movie came out the year I graduated high school and inspired a food fight in our cafeteria that got several people expelled.

    Good times.
    Flounder was only six years older than I am ?!

  2. “Don’t p!ss down my back and tell me it’s rainin’ “—–Fletcher, The Outlaw Josie Wales

  3. The brevity of life gives us another reminder. I’m on the back nine too, same age as him. Better get my ducks in a row.

  4. I’m 64, I hope that I have quite a bit of time left to see my 2 grand daughters (so far) grow up. My dad is 88 and my mom will be 92 tomorrow. And my dad’s oldest brother is almost 99, we expect him to live to 100 or better. RIP Flounder, and don’t let the deathmobile be used as your last ride.

  5. A childhood friend of mine died the same day from a heart attack at the age of 63. He was a nuclear physicist at Los Alamos and retired last month. He and his wife bought a travel trailer and were going to see America together. Damn the luck! May he rest in peace. May his family have peace.

  6. those were the days. When SNL was good, SCTV was on the air, and music that we still play today.

    RIP Mr. Dorfman. Your legacy is safe.


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