RIP George Romero

George, please don’t reanimate. It doesn’t go well.


Here’s my homage to the great George Romero.

Produced for American Thinker, The Night of the Living Dead From the Neck Up.

10 Comments on RIP George Romero

  1. I’ve got the entire Dead series. Loved it!!!!!! Dead marathons and beer in the barracks as single sailors. Kept us out of the shits out in town.

    RIP Romero, you gave us good entertainment!

  2. I see the zombies more like muslim advancing in Europe.
    They keep coming more and more nothing will stop them.

  3. He invented an entire Genre but reportedly never was a “commercial success”.

    The Walking Dead franchise should have been paying him royalties every week.

    Zombie movies are deeply a Conservative by definition. Government is never the answer, and you’re on your own. Guns and proficiency are essential to survive. Resourcefulness, logic and guts trump “feelings”.

    Good Muslim analogy.

    RIP Mr. Romero, and thanks.


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