RIP Harry Anderson

Here’s Harry emceeing a comedy night at Gotham in 2017.

He tells the story of a controversial SNL hosting gig he had in the 80s.

Anderson has a bit of a potty mouth. (lol)

HT/ molon labe

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  1. BB, wasn’t she the one who slept in the Lincoln bedroom during the Slick Willie years? Maybe I am thinking of somebody else.

  2. Night Court was more important than Cosby back in the day. Like Cheers, Night Court had great character actors in a half-hour comedy. That is what I miss from the 80’s. 70’s had some great one’s too…”All in the Family”, ‘Taxi”, “The Jeffersons”, “Sanford & Son”, “Happy Days”, etc…

  3. Ah heck, another piece of my childhood gone. I don’t know who said it here in the comments a few days ago about, “this age,” is spent watching family, friends and icons from your childhood leave you…I hate to agree but last week I sent off 2 sympathy cards. 😢

    The reason Netflix etc are bringing back all the shows from the 70’s and 80’s is because they were good. New comedies are either just dumb or they spend a half hour yelling at each other. This is why I am rewatching Stargate SG1.

  4. HE has a potty mouth? A certain somebody told of a conversation in the car: “Look at all these fucking palm trees”! “Oh, look! A Civil War battlefield”! “Just mile after mile of fucking palm trees”!

  5. @Bad_Brad: “Who’d he vote for?” you ask.

    To quote your favorite Presidential candidate, “What difference, at this point, does it make?”


  6. Great video. It’s even funnier with Anderson’s high pitched voice. Everytime he cusses it sounds like a 6 yr old on a dare.
    Night Court is on Laff network. Still hilarious.

  7. “Night Court” and “Barney Miller” were the best sitcoms for me. Got a few DVDs of both shows – need to track down the rest. RIP Harry.


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