RIP Louie Anderson

Louie Anderson, a Minnesota-born actor and comedian, has died at age 68, according to the Associated Press.

A native of St. Paul, Minnesota, Anderson was being treated for cancer in a Las Vegas hospital. He was diagnosed with a type of non-Hodgkin lymphoma.


Stand up routine.

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  1. “YOU GO NOW!”

    That was John Pinette. Unless you were pretending to confuse the two, based on their girth, then yeah LOL.

  2. “There’s 3 fat people in California. They have us on 8-hour shifts.”

    Bum: “Hey buddy, can you help me out with a sandwich?”
    Louis: “well, sure….where is it?”


  3. 68 years is a pretty good run for a guy as notoriously unhealthy looking as Louie Anderson. I just hope we don’t hear about Dennis Miller next.

  4. Saw him in Vegas. Was a small little venue where he sat on a stool in front of us (maybe 20 people) and just talked with us. A very gracious and humble guy.

    First saw him on Johnny Carson. Loved his commentary about his dad and their ’53 Pontiac Bonneville. Laughed my ass off.

    RIP Louie.

  5. I tried to find my favorite clip of him. It was about him flying first class and he was taunting the people in coach.

    Truly a gifted comedian.

  6. Roger F, THAT’S IT! Too bad is was just audio. What he does when he says “We’re eating” is he pantomimes him opening the curtain just so his face shows and after he tells coach that they are eating now, he ‘closes’ the curtain.

    I nearly passed out when I saw that, I just laughed up a lung!

    Thanks for finding this!

  7. “Hey, I started out mopping the floor just like you guys. But now… now I’m washing lettuce. Soon I’ll be on fries; then the grill. In a year or two, I’ll make assistant manager, and that’s when the big bucks start rolling in.”

    My favorite part of “Coming To America” besides “SEXUAL CHOCOLATE!” 🤣🤣🤣

    Meatloaf died too!


  8. Wow, Meatloaf and Louie in the same funeral home on the same night??


    Who’s gonna be in the third room??? :>o


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