RIP Marty Allen

To tell you the truth, I would’ve guessed he was already gone.

Allen died at 95.

Before Marty Allen went on to do appearances on The Hollywood Squares, an occasional movie, or late night talk shows, Marty Allen was half the team of Allen & Rossi, always thought of as a poor man’s Martin and Lewis.

Here’s a little of what they did. (The dance that Allen does at the end might explain how he lived to 95. He may have been chubby, but this is an amazing display of endurance.)

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  1. Wow… I remember him from Hollywood Squares when I was a kid – and that was 40+ years ago – and he looked “old” then. God bless, Mr. Allen.

  2. Fur, where do you find these old clips? I only remember the guy from Hollywood squares, but those old time comedy routines were so classic!


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