RIP Peter Tork

2 Monkees down.

Tork was diagnosed with adenoid cystic carcinoma of the tongue in 2009. No word if this was a contributing factor in his death.

At the end of this song, during it’s dramatic Beatle-like ending, Mr. Pinko quipped, in a slow backwards sounding voice, “I.. buried.. Tork.”

It’s all I can think of at the moment.

Rare Peter Tork vocals-


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  1. Too bad. As a kid I was a fan, my youngest daughter became a fan in the 2000s, we built a model of the Monkeymobile together. RIP.

  2. It was a stupid, show, but usually harmless. Their music would have never made it if not for professional song writers and professional musicians, notably, the “Wrecking Crew” doing the back up tracks. I admit they did entertain the pre-teen and teen girls. May Peter R.I.P.

  3. I still remember riding my bike home from church choir practice (hey, my mom made me!) as fast as i could to catch them on television.

  4. My dad would be sitting on the couch reading his newspaper. Us kids would be sitting on the floor around the TV watching The Monkees. He would lower the paper, shake his head and go, “Tsk, tsk, tsk. These kids!”

    Ahhh, great memories.

  5. Peter Tork, the least talented monkee. Thats saying a lot. Heard them in Mesa in the early 90’s. Micky Dolenz was off the charts great but Peter? Well, they played a song he wrote. Ever heard fingernails on blackboards via mic and amps? Obviously i’ve never forgotten.

  6. Unlike the rest of them, Peter Tork never portended to be talented,
    God speed to you!

    BFH – 2 Monkees down
    really? – Did a Blush on that one,

  7. Mickey Dolenz was the only one of the group who didn’t start out as a musician when he signed up for the show, but he quickly learned to play drums. Davy Jones was already a singer with some success in Britain. Peter Tork played a number of instruments including banjo, guitar, acoustic bass and keyboards, and had been part of the folk music scene in Greenwich Village in the early ’60’s. Michael Nesmith had already had some success with publishing songs (a member of the Christy Minstrels offered a publishing deal for his songs) and appeared regularly in folk clubs in San Antonio. He had already issued four singles by the time the band was formed. They played no instruments on their first two albums but did so on every album after.

    Many if not most rock bands were every bit as manufactured as the Monkees.

  8. I still have Michael Nesmith’s DVD of short skits called ‘Elephant Parts’. There are some pretty funny things on it.
    Really. The only truly talented Monkee.

    But, Peter Tork was pretty talented and I enjoyed the show.

  9. I believe his dad was a professor at UConn a few towns East of us here in Corrupticut. Back in the 60’S I heard stories of teen girls going to his house and pulling up grass for souvenirs.

    Why couldn’t it have been my good for nothin Senator Richard Sue Them All?

  10. Loved watching “The Monkees” as a teen. Had a crush on Davey. Where did the years go? Sad to hear another band member is gone.

  11. The Sixties….craziest decade ever….I remember all, the good and the bad. The memories will always be with me, especially the music. I was a liberal college student, a toker, and later a soldier in the Great Rock & Roll War, Vietnam.

    Literally, the Sixties are over…spiritually and figuratively…not yet. I don’t really miss it, but the memories are rich.

  12. I grew up watching the Monkees. Great memories of my youth. I must be an old fogey now….


    I guess I’m a Believer on the last train to Clarksville


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