RIP Regis Philbin

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  1. Do you know that if you rearrange the letters in “Regis Philbin” you can spell “perishing lib”?

  2. Many years ago I watched an episode of Regis and Kathy Lee on location in Hawaii. There was a little Hawaiian girl – not more than 5 years old, who presented Regis with a lei (on camera). She leaned up to kiss his cheek and Regis turned his head at the last minute so he could kiss her on the lips (purposely). The little girl started crying. Made me think he was another howood pedophile. Could never watch him after that.

  3. My most vivid memory of Regis was when he was Joey Bishop’s shill on ABC’s late night answer to the tonight show, sometime in the late 60’s. Regis had a. tearful meltdown, something about being under-appreciated and picked-on by Joey. Regis stomped off the stage. I never had any respect for him after that. (Didn’t have much before either.)

  4. @MJA – he grew up in aa Bronx. I never watched the show, but I LIKED his style, his delivery. He is like the POTUS was at one time, he was a NYC fixture.

    RIP Regis.

  5. RIP
    Outside of his name, I know nothing of him.
    Never watched his shows.
    So I wish him the best on his journey.

    izlamo delenda est …

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