RIP Richard Harrison

Fox News – Richard ‘Old Man’ Harrison of ‘Pawn Stars’ dead at 77

Richard Harrison, the curmudgeonly patriarch of the “Pawn Stars” family whose grumbling about the goings-on in the Las Vegas shop he ran with his son and grandson made him a reality TV star, has died at 77.

“Richard Benjamin ‘The Old Man’ Harrison passed away this morning surrounded by those he loved. He will be tremendously missed by our family, the team at Gold & Silver Pawn and his many fans the world over,” Rick Harrison told Fox News. “He was my hero and I was fortunate to get a very cool ‘Old Man’ as my dad.

snip – Awwww, I liked that crusty old man.

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  1. Him, I liked. Couldn’t stand the rest of them. Especially that stoner.
    RIP old man. Hopefully your kids won’t call an expert friend to get a price for you. 😉

  2. Very entertaining guy. RIP.

    Regarding the birth of the pawn shop itself, that’s an interesting story. It went something like… Clark county would only allow one pawn shop per 100,000 residents so Rick kept close tabs on population statistics and as soon as the next population threshold was met he was there with the paper work.

    As for their knack for self promotion, whether you like them or not, you have to give them some credit. Who knew that such a show would make it and last as long as it has?

  3. RIP!
    I remember that his son was speaking at the CPAC and admited that he’s a “Trump guy.”

    Their show is successful. Even people in Brazil watch and like it.

  4. They were somewhat free to point out the stupid buys they made that cost them money……..
    I’m still waiting for the “SPECIAL pawn stars” production that show all the people they screwed the worst (could be a whole new series).

  5. Wow! My bad, This guy was not in the Beatles after all but played Dumbledore in the first two Harry Potter movies.

  6. Good show and the Old Man added pure joy and curmudgeonery to the personalities.

    Recent news (about the drug user Chumlee) was sad but a reminder that even the smallest star can abuse his position of fame.

    Wish the show well and hope Rick has an uncle or older guy “in the shop” who can lend a hand every once in a while.

    As pawn shops go they’ve pissed off a lot of them who aren’t friendly informative places but places seperating desperate people from their money (like the one set in Detroit) with the ghoul (gold) family.

  7. “… show all the people they screwed the worst …”
    seen a few years worth of episodes … never saw one where they put a gun to someone’s head & told ’em to take the deal, or else

  8. I -loved- that guy…and the show.
    Those three characters and all the weird stuff coming in for pawning was fun TV.

    Not the reality shit & shouting being cablecast nowadays.

  9. I liked the “old Man” and Rick. Can’t stand the two tattood assholes.
    It’s an interesting show, sometimes. RIP Old Man. Long life Rick.
    moe tom/

  10. Liked the old man…
    Liked his son, Rick….
    Liked Chumley….
    Rick’s arrogant, entitled kid, Corey was a douchenozzle.


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