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RIP Ronnie Spector

How Ronnie Spector triumphed over evil to become a defiant hero.

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  1. Funny, I was just thinking about her the other day in the context of an Eddie Money song that itself was from 1986. It was “Take Me Home Tonight”, and had Ronnie Specter reprise part of her hit from 1963, “Be My Baby” within it. Not a tune I particularly care for, but if you like Eddie Money or Ronnie Specter, this is for you.

    …I was thinking of it because of an interview I remember around that time. I was a consumer of MTV way back then, so I heard LOTS of bits and pieces that they did for time filler, but for some reason this stuck out. This is a 36 year old memory so it’s very much an inaccurate paraphrase, but it was something like this;

    INTERVIEWER: So how was it that you got Ronnie Specter to be on your song?

    EDDIE MONEY: I was blown away by that too. I didn’t think I’d have a chance to have someone so famous on my album, but I called her anyway because I thought this was so perfect. I asked her, “Hi, Ronnie, what are you doing these days?” and she said, “The dishes”.

    …it was something like that, the point being that she really hadn’t been in demand much because her heyday was 20 some years ago at that point, and the world had moved on, so she had left the glam world we all think of when we think of recording stars and moved on herself to the mundane tasks of living that we all do from one day to the next.

    It’s something of a lesson in the fleetness of fame and the ephemiality of popularity and the brevity of life in general. No matter who you are, you will be forgotten eventually, and no matter how famous you are, you can’t take your fame to the grave.

    Eddie Money himself died in 2019.

    No one remembers. Well, except for iOTW. iOTW is like the Pepperidge Farm of the Internet blogs, they remember.

    RIP, woman with a nice voice who’s songs I didn’t really care for but a whole lot of other people did. Your voice has outlived you, but you have gone to the reward where it’s of little service. I pray you were right with the Lord, and that He brings your family and many fans comfort and peace.

    May you and Eddie have both been saved and be dueting praise songs for the Lord even as we speak.

    God Bless,

  2. ^^^

    “Now a convicted murderer, Phil Spector was the definition of abusive. From the get-go, owing to jealousy and other questionable elements of his ideation, he turned Ronnie into a shadow of her former self. Over the course of their marriage, Phil Spector became as controlling and psychologically dominant as was possible. He turned his 23-room mansion into a maximum-security prison. It boasted chain-link fences, barbed wire and intercoms in every room, making it nigh on impossible for Ronnie to leave. Her husband had come to embody Orwell’s Big Brother.

    The extent of his abuse was so severe that he installed an inflatable version of himself in the passenger seat of her car, so it appeared that she was never alone. On numerous occasions, Spector threatened to kill her if she left. This is a chilling revelation given that the “wall of sound” producer shot and murdered actress Lana Clarkson in 2003 in cold blood.”

  3. Every Christmas time (Nov 1 to Jan 1) I get to hear the Ronettes wonderful “Sleigh Ride”, a happy, spirited song. It gets a lot of airplay. It’s one of several Christmas songs and hymns around that time of year that make me feel good.

  4. TimBuktu
    JANUARY 13, 2022 AT 1:47 PM
    “Every Christmas time (Nov 1 to Jan 1) I get to hear the Ronettes wonderful “Sleigh Ride”, a happy, spirited song.”

    …Idk, to each his own, and if it makes you happy that’s a blessing. I liked her voice and her songs were good, but to me it always sounded like she was fronting, putting a happy face on something awful, like your Mom getting a breast cancer diagnosis in December but not wanting to wreck everyone’s holiday so she shuts up about it and sings happy Christmas carols instead, but can’t quite keep the pain out of her voice…

    …but again, that’s just me. Your milage may vary. And good for you of it does…

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