RNC Chair, Ronna McDaniel Vows Not To Let Legacy Media Host GOP Presidential Primary Debates

John Nolte at Breitbart

Republican National Committee chairwoman Ronna McDaniel said she intends to remove the fake news media from the 2024 Republican presidential debate process.

Yeah, well, I’ll believe that when I see it. More

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  1. What’s the frigging difference? The dems could wheel a drooling candidate out to the podium an…oh wait, they did and WTF was the result.

    He got 80 Million votes.

    Unless the numerous ways the dems committed voter fraud are changed, what is even the point of voting? If they were so bold as to do it like they did last Nov, what fucking difference will boxing out Chris Wallace do?

    And if we had the presidency in the 4 year lead up to the last election and both houses in Congress for the first 2 years and the senate all the way through and didn’t stop this bullshit, what in a blue moon makes you think it’s not going to happen again? Only worse.

    Plus, with the dems’ immigration plans, they won’t even have to use voter fraud.

  2. Riiiggghhhttt.
    Then when the time comes the excuse will be they had to negotiate and the R friendly moderator will be Neil Cavuto or Mittens.

  3. ” …. they look terrible (and weak) for putting themselves in such a vulnerable position in the first place.”

    They look that way because they are that way.

    They’re just showing the people who they really are so there is no confusion about it and help them make up their mind who they should vote for.

  4. Oh yeah? So who’s gonna host it? Oh I know! Maybe an independent like RSBN….until they’re removed from YouTube. Or maybe Parlor? Naw, that won’t work either.

    Who does she think believes her BS?

  5. I would rather see some fool off the street ask questions to the candidates. And then the questioner can say, “OK you know that’s some bullshit. Why you lying???” lolol.


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