RNC Commitee to Vote Friday for the Next RNC Chair – IOTW Report

RNC Commitee to Vote Friday for the Next RNC Chair

Here are the Republican National Committee state members. LINK

As far as I know, Harmeet Dhillon and Mike Lindell are the only ones running for the chairmanship.

Please contact your state members to encourage them to vote for your choice.

8 Comments on RNC Commitee to Vote Friday for the Next RNC Chair

  1. I’m a bit conflicted. As much as I admire Harmeet and respect her brilliant takes on the law, a part of me thinks she would be better served not getting involved in that viper-infested soap opera. I would feel different if I thought the RNC cared one twit for the folks back home and the need to fortify the vibrancy of our declining Republic but I sincerely believe that they like the status quo, they like losing, and would prefer to snipe from the periphery and not be in a position of power.

  2. It’s going to be McDaniel. Who needs to win elections when you can spend donor money on lavish dinners and resorts. I hear the Washington Generals base their game plans on what she has done.

  3. The establishment Republicans will maintain Control.
    McCarty, McCONnell, Rinos in Congress, the Chairmen of State’s GOP and the “Major” Financial Contributors will not allow their liberal golden Goose to be gored.

  4. If that corrupt asshole Rona Rommey “wins” I am forever done with GOP and will consider that party as big an enemy as the democrat party.

  5. Without Ronna winning all should consider the GOP an enemy of the USA and no different that the Democrat Party.
    Have you not seen enough proof already???

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