RNC: Fundraising Breaking Records Every Month, Volunteers Have “Skyrocketed” in Midst of Impeachment Push


The Democrats’ sham impeachment push is continuing to backfire on them.

Breitbart reports that according to RNC spokeswoman Elizabeth Harrington, fundraising and volunteer efforts have “skyrocketed” since Democrats began their impeachment proceedings against President Trump.

Harrington told Huntsville, AL radio host, Jeff Poor, “It’s incredible. We have an amazing grassroots army of volunteers, and that’s only skyrocketed since the impeachment charade. We have thousands sign up to get involved off the sidelines. Every single month, we’ve broken records on fundraising — our joint fundraising with the Trump campaign. We’ve just never seen an off-year election like this at the RNC. We’re in a very strong position, and it is because the country is in a strong position, and the Democrats have all the losing arguments. So, we’re really energized. We’re really excited.”

Harrington claims Republicans are now at play in states largely considered to be Democrat strongholds. read more

6 Comments on RNC: Fundraising Breaking Records Every Month, Volunteers Have “Skyrocketed” in Midst of Impeachment Push

  1. Hope this is all true. Having spent a lot of time in Colorado where the GOP routinely pees in its own Wheeties I’m a bit jaded. I hope enough people are as pissed and as motivated as I am to keep the libs out of the White House (but into the ‘big house’)

  2. I’m loving reading everyday how the Dims are losing. I’ve had the pleasure for the past 3 weeks of meeting people from all over the United States – on a cruise. Some are reluctant to say who they support on fear of being ridiculed by lefties. Once they find out that you’re a hardcore Trump supporter, they open up and are happy. It’s been fun talking to lefties and observing how upset they get when they are losing the conversation. I think when I say to them “so you’re of the party who murders babies, applaud the deviant sexual behavior with the same sex, and you’re from the party of atheists, they come unglued. Needless to say, they avoid me and DH. A couple of them actually were foaming at the mouth!! 🙂 Life is good! Go Trump!

  3. Good for you FoxyGold,
    add druggies,bums,criminals and illegal aliens
    to your rant next time.

  4. Go get ’em, Goldenfoxx.

    Good to hear. They will never get the intensity they deserve because we are too kind-hearted even when we’re pissed aren’t evil like they are.

    On the other hand, we don’t need to be. The last lib I pissed off was just over having a pro-gun stance I could defend easily with stats. He bowed up to me like I was supposed to be scared of him and it gave me the biggest smile.

    You just lost the whole thing, buddy.

    His GF is a 36-year friend of mine, so he ended up calling me later to apologize. Which I’m sure got his goat even more.


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