RNC mulls appeal of FEC ruling for Twitter in Hunter Biden laptop censorship

Not “Oh, HELL NO! We’re appealing this! And we’re coming back to snatch Twitter bald-headed!”
Nah. Just… Meows Mull.

Please pick your candidates and donate or volunteer DIRECTLY to their campaigns.
Not the RNC, not another GOP related ‘organization’.

NYP: The Republican National Committee was “weighing its options” Monday after a report said the Federal Election Commission has tossed its complaint that Twitter illegally suppressed The Post’s expose about Hunter Biden’s emails.

“As Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey said recently, it was a ‘total mistake’ for Twitter to suppress this important story,” RNC spokeswoman Emma Vaughn said.

“Worse, it was also illegal and our complaint persuasively explains why.”

Vaughn added: “The RNC is weighing its options for appealing this disappointing decision from the FEC.”

US Rep. Mary Miller (R-Ill.) tweeted, “Big Tech and the Mainstream Media blocked the Hunter Biden story to affect the outcome of the election in violation of election law. They are now lying about it and facing zero consequences!”

Richard Grenell, who was acting director of national intelligence under then-President Donald Trump, also tweeted, “This stuff happens in Third World countries.”

Grenell added that Biden’s “laptop was not Russian disinformation and yet DC media dismissed it as such. Another low for DC media.”

The FEC’s ruling hasn’t yet been made public but a document outlining it says that Twitter’s move was made for business, not political purposes, according to the New York Times, which said it obtained a copy. more

7 Comments on RNC mulls appeal of FEC ruling for Twitter in Hunter Biden laptop censorship

  1. Gosh. If we only had Trey Gowdy still in there. He would have accomplished something.

    When’s the Durham report due? How is Lois Lerner holding up in her jail cell these days? Hillary’s eMail, yadda yadda.

  2. I emailed Susan Collins about Milley.
    Asked if they’re going to do what they always do. Hold hearings, yell at the people being questioned and do nothing.

    That’s what they’ll do here.
    Spineless freaking jellyfish.

  3. Republicans…when they’re not seizing or pouncing, they’re mulling. How about drinking that hot mulled cup of Shut the F—k up or else throw it in Jack Dorsey’s Rasputin face?

  4. “Twitter’s move was made for business, not political purposes…”

    True enough. If you give over your country to a dictator, it’s REAL good business to make it clear that you’re on that dictator’s side BEFORE he gets big AND its good business after THAT to make SURE he gets big.

    its just business…


  5. “Twitter’s move was made for business, not political purposes…”

    Just remember that it was ALSO good business for Burisma to hire the sone of the Pedo for a no-show, no-experience, no-knowledge of any kind required high dollar board “job” at $80k annually despite his cocaine habit and never actually doing anything useful or even showing up, if you want to know how “Good Business” is defined by Democrats…

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