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Road Rage: Who’s Right? Who’s Wrong?

Disregard the little kid in the barber shop.

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  1. You Know what I do now day’s should I face the road rage shit. Back off to the minimum speed limit hoping they continue on. If not, I take the next off ramp. Stupid.

  2. What I’ve learned in my life; you won’t get there any faster. But when someone is driving like an A-hole, I’ll do what it takes to make him rage. For entertainment purposes only.

  3. I believe if a cop watched this while following them he would charge them both with road rage, but the accident is all the car’s fault.

    The truck was being an a-hole, but the car was being aggressive trying to force his will. He was also tailgating the other vehicle. He was a menace on the road – a sure accident at some point.

    If I was the guy with the dash cam, I would have backed off a lot more. I hit the brakes when I see something like this developing. Just like when I see two vehicles converging in front of me from the lanes on either side. Don’t want to become a part of the entanglement.

    Plus, I get a better view/shot of the action. I use dash cams too.

    Side note: I have seen aggressive drivers pay the price for it later down the road. Either pulled over or in an accident.

  4. It’s hearsay, but a friend of mine that still drives during rush hour says that most of the raging drivers are women.
    I’m just glad that these 2 bozos were there for my entertainment.

  5. I used to commute into DC via Rt. 4 (Pennsylvania Ave. extended) from Huntingtown. Everybody did about 70 mph (55 mph speed limit) and maintained 3-7 ft from the bumper ahead. It was a pretty stressful hour. Hot Dogs went around on the shoulders! A relief to get on Suitland Pkwy and drive 55.

    Don’t miss that – AT ALL!

    mortem tyrannis
    izlamo delenda est …

  6. “Keep right except to pass” is the law in my state. Probably is in yours, too. The 2 liter lawn mower engine in the Honda sedan was his downfall. That pass on the right shoulder move would have worked had he been driving my 5.0 liter, 460 HP Mustang. I have two pedals, and they are both viable options to get me out of trouble. Not so with most cars today.

  7. Who’s the winner?

    When people drive like a goof and get stopped at the next light, I roll up next to them, roll my window down, stare at them until eye contact, give the thumbs up and declare them the winner by yelling, “You’re the winner!” Usually has no positive effect, in fact the opposite, it ramps up their rage. But once a dude apologized and then drove like a grandma.

  8. They both were at fault. The other drives were fortunate to avoid a major pile up. When I get tailgated on the two lane highway I make sure to drive as far right when in the passing zones, both to let the speeder behind me see oncoming traffic and to get further out of their way when they do come roaring past.

    I’ve been passed on double yellow in recent years more than I care to remember and there are certain stop signs drivers seem to ignore when entering the highway. Summer will be here soon and the city drivers are going to add to the problem.

  9. That looks like Minneapolis driving. I used to be a “me first” driver, but not that bad!

    About 20 years ago, I decided that it just didn’t matter and left home earlier for work so I wouldn’t “need” to drive like the seconds counted. Much more pleasant drive to/from work.

  10. Personally, I’d SLOW WAY DOWN and BOTH IDIOTS get far in front.

    If They Wreck, GUARANTEED, I’m pulling over and telling the coppers exactly what i saw.

    Video car was also WAY TOO CLOSE & lucky he didn’t catch shrapnel.

  11. One of my standard Road Axioms: A white pickup truck seems to bring out the worst in some people. And I’m not just talking about the one who’s driving it.

    Apologies to any of y’all here who drive one. I’m not talking about you, of course. But I do give those things a wide berth in traffic. Don’t want to get caught up in a potential maelstrom of assholery.

  12. Years ago I did a brake stand in front of a Police Officer. It was a winding road and the A-hole was tailgating me at night. I really hate being tailgated, it’s from being a life long motorcycle rider.
    When I would get to the straightaways, I would slow to allow him to pass. He would follow closer, 8 -10 ft @50mph. Finally I stood on the brake, but watched that he wouldn’t actually hit me, as I pulled off on the shoulder.
    He was livid by the time he got to my window. Ranting at me, I calmly said, “You were tailgating and operating your vehicle in an unsafe manner, I gave you 3 opportunities to pass”.
    After sitting in his cruiser for a bit, he said, “I’m going to let you go, because you have a good attitude”.
    I said, “No, your letting me go because I’m right”.
    If I’m wrong, I will admit it, if not, I will stand my ground.

  13. I have this two lane Windy Hill I have to drive on the way to work and my company vehicle is GPS track for speed among a host of other things. The first speed limit sign is 45 for the first couple hundred yards after that it drops to 20 I do 25 which is the max without getting dinged on points for the GPS tracking. A few months back some Tesla guy passed me in the oncoming lane and almost got in a head on. When I finally got to the light at the intersection about a mile past the top of the hill he was still waiting for the light, I tooted my horn and waved at him, for some reason he drove a little slower after that.
    Anyhow my point is not everybody that drives slow is doing it to piss you off, sometimes they’re just can’t because of the GPS tracking especially company trucks.
    It’s a stupid speed limit sign but I got to roll with it, it feels like you’re crawling.
    Some people passed me on the left of the double yellow line every once in awhile.

  14. Brad MARCH 19, 2023 AT 12:05 AM

    Ditto, but there’s a reason we do it. At least for me, I’m carrying and don’t need the bullshit of being involved when armed.

    And now back to watching the ducks in front of the house.

  15. I used to f*ck with asshole drivers just to piss them off even more, but now that some number of them are gun-carrying assholes I just let them go. I’ve no interest in exchanging gunfire on the highway.

  16. Unless you’re on your way to defuse a 50 Megaton bomb on a short timer, chill the F out. Humanity will function fine if you’re a minute late. And yes, I too notice women have become much more aggressive now.

  17. Take the risk, and pay the consequences. I have participated in similar events with people I know. We are both trained in defensive driving and race track driving. Should we have done something like this? Absolutely not. Did we? Maybe, I am not going to incriminate either of us. Did this guy get what he deserved? Absolutely

  18. Well the guy in the car will be very late getting to where he was rushing to go!

    Say your prayers everyday!

    God Bless us all!!


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