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Roads Paved In Debt

France announced a bold vision last February- paving 621 miles of road with solar panels.

They’ve completed their first kilometer!!!


It cost $5 million bucks and all it’s intended to do is run the streetlights.

I’m not an economist or a math wizard, but I’m not seeing the cost effectiveness here. How long would you have to run a mile of streetlights in order to spend $5 million?

That would be roughly $13,800 dollars a day for a year.

You can do the extrapolation. I’m not sure France is going to see a return on their green investment.

Especially when the Muslims start trying to dig them up.

Story at Forbes

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  1. I think you missed the part where it said the street lights are used for casting advertisements on the moon. Oh, oh, and it will reverse global warming, climate change, and earthquakes. 🙂

  2. Chains with very heavy cleats should do a nice job of breaking those tiles. Or to make traffic slow down put a raised speed bump in the middle of it every kilometer or so. And you wonder how soon the gypsies and meth heads and thieves in general will start digging them up to take to the recycling center.

  3. Liberals LOVE alternative energy… as long as it doesn’t work! They embrace wind and solar because of the gigantic government subsidies. It can’t be for the energy they produce because it’s practically none.
    Fracking, on the other hand, works like a charm! No surprise, liberals hate it.

  4. You know what is cheaper and just as effective?
    Those little, reflective, bumpy things they press into the road on the lines – white on white lines and yellow on yellow lines. They do a great job at night or in the fog.

  5. just think, by the time the 5-year project is up they’ll have another 5-year project to replace the old, used, defective, dirt-&-road grime covered solar panels …. great win-win for the eco-tard gubmint & the contractors
    …. suck-cre bleu to the taxpayers though

  6. I can’t wait to see what Trump does to the DOT. 5 years for EPA evaluations on a fucking puddle on the side of a road. Yeah, that’s gone. ESAD.

  7. It’s a “wealth transfer.”
    From the taxpayers to the politically connected.
    Pure, unadulterated corruption.
    If the frogs had any sense, whatsoever, they’d hang all those connected to this scam AT ONCE.
    But, then, I guess that if the frogs had any sense, they wouldn’t have elected these corrupt assholes in the first place.

    Oh, well …

    izlamo delenda est …

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