Robby Mook Spent Sunday Throwing Huma Abedin Under The Bus

DC: Robby Mook, Hillary Clinton’s campaign manager, spent Sunday morning giving interviews about FBI Director James Comey’s decision to make public the new developments in Clinton’s private email server investigation.

And that was bad news for Huma Abedin.

While being questioned by Fox News’ Chris Wallace, Mook dodged questions about Hillary and her top aide.

“I’m asking you a direct question,” the “Fox News Sunday” host posed to Mook. “Has Secretary Clinton asked Huma Abedin what was on that laptop that she shared with her husband Anthony Weiner?”

“There’s credible reporting out there that this came from the laptop of Anthony Weiner and Huma Abedin,” he continued. “Why on Earth wouldn’t Hillary Clinton say to her closest personal aide, was there any stuff on your laptop, and what was it?”

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  1. Fucking cuck is watching it all slip away. Tough shit faggot. You knew all along this witch was toxic and yet you made it your life’s work to get her, anyway, anyhow, doing anything, into the WH.

    You’re an evil fuck.

  2. Know who’s not getting thrown under the bus? Who has never been thrown under the bus? Who never will be thrown under the bus? Cheryl Mills. I’m sure she had a “Life Insurance” file, too, but she’s obviously smarter than Huma.

  3. Wow, The queer is backstabbing the bi-sexual lover of Hillary who backstabbed the hetero lovers of BJ Billy who backstabs everybody!

  4. Huma was quite surprised last night to walk in in on a party, and even more surprised that it was in her name.

    “why, it’s your ‘going away’ party, darling!”, Hillary told her.
    “But I’m not going anywhere,” Huma said.
    Uncomfortable silence then filled the room………….

  5. You know, the second best thing about Hillary going down the drain, is that we will never have to listen to Robbie Mook or her other flying monkeys, scurry around like the cockroaches they are, every time the witch stumbles, spewing out the holding tank crap of Hillary excuses.

  6. human kept those email to blackmail Hillary or clear herself should she be blamed for something she didn’t do. But you can bet she kept them as insurance. Lied under oath and will take the fall for Hillary. Hard to say who may have got those emails as Yahoo was hacked.

  7. Huma Abedin Danger-Weiner may have an insurance policy of her own, and there may be a copy on The Laptop.

    Pass the popcorn, please.

  8. Dangerous game Mook is playing; next move, Huma goes into the witness protection program.

    Anyone notice over the weekend, all the alphabet networks could talk about is how Comey broke the law, and oh yeah, DJT is in cahoots with the Russians (Harry Reid).

  9. Did prize winning Gaytitle holder Mookie mention that Gowdy called Harry Reid a political hack, and told him on air if Reid wanted to write a letter, send it to Obama, send it to Gramma, as no one forced Gramma to set up a private server hidden from FOIA reach and saving all Gramma’s illicit pay-for-play, sold to highest bidder, “what does ‘c’ mean on these emails?” documents, and then SAVING them? Gowdy also said so happy the useless political hack Reid is going away. The rest of Obama’s shills (Erick the Red), Loretta the Fat, Cankles the Horrid, and Bill the Rapist, all marching in step to cover Obama’s ass.

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