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Robert Conrad – RIP

From illustr8r-

So, Kirk Douglas, Orson Bean


and now Robert Conrad. That’s 3, just like the superstition.

Robert Conrad, Star of TV’s ‘The Wild Wild West,’ Dies at 84
Renowned for doing his own stunts, he also starred on such shows as ‘Hawaiian Eye’ and ‘Baa Baa Black Sheep’ and on the miniseries ‘Centennial.’

Read in The Hollywood Reporter:

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  2. The Wild, Wild West was one of my favorite shows in the mid to late 60’s when I was in my teens. My dad also liked it as well and would watch it with my 3 brothers and myself. RIP James West. He was a lot like Chuck Norris back in those days.

  3. He got the Everready battery knocked off his shoulder for the last time….RIP Robert….The wild wild west was one of my favorites….

  4. Hollywood’s taking some hard hits this week. Always liked Conrad. My mom said he had the prettiest eyes on t.v. Going to be missed but I’ll catch him on reruns so I guess in that aspect he’s not really gone.

  5. I’ve always been a fan of Robert Conrad. I particularly enjoyed his good humor, and even the slight silliness he would occasionally inject into his roles (and that’s not a slam — I appreciate just the right touch of silliness!).

    Thanks for the good entertainment, Mr. Conrad. RIP

  6. Ah no! Robert Conrad was one of my youthful bigtime crushes. Loved him in The Wild Wild West, and later Baa Baa Black Sheep. Can still remember my mom remarking on how tight his pants were on Wild Wild West. 🙂 RIP to one of the hunkiest guys in Hollywood.

  7. Time for Me to once again…Roll out My Robert Conrad Story.

    Spring Break…Mid 1980’s…Fort Lauderdale… We walked into

    one of the smaller famous bars…I can’t remember if it was

    “The Button” or the “Candy Store”…and the Cops had just left..

    We asked the Bartender what happened…He said that Bob Conrad was

    in the Bar Drinking (at the height of the Battery Ad) and some

    College Kids decided to f*ck with Him….He beat the sh*t out of all

    of Them…The Bouncers…and some Cops…

    He really was a tough Guy.

  8. @AuntLiz Ditto to what you just said! 💞 I was about 13 years old when Black Sheep Squadron was on and I should have had a crush on the “fly boys” but my heart belonged to tough guy, Pappy.

  9. Pappy Boyington (who Wm. Conrad portrayed in Baa, baa black sheep) was from Coeur d’Alene, Idaho. His daughter was my 8th grade English teacher in the mid 60’s. He was contemporary with my dads 2 oldest brothers back in the mid 30’s and went to school with them.

  10. Aunt Liz — Mine too! 🙂

    As a young girl my very favorite tv show was Twelve O’Clock High, so later I was drawn to Black Sheep Squadron mainly because of the genre. Robert Conrad was icing on the cake.

    RIP Mr. Conrad. Over and out.

    “The only way we’re gonna win this war is if Tokyo is more fouled up than Washington.” ~ Pappy Boyington line

  11. Ross Martin, Michael Dunne and now Robert Conrad. WWW was a great show, with a great camaraderie and a sense of fun.
    Conrad in interviews would always credit Ross Martin for carrying the show, and also for sharing experienced acting tips with Conrad.
    Sad to know hes gone. Sounds like he had a great life.
    Thanks for everything, Mister West.

  12. I met him late one night in a Von’s in Encino. We talked a bit and he invited me up to his place because……..”My wife is out of town and we can have some fun.”
    I politely declined.

  13. May his soul rest in the arms of ourAbba.

    At the time Wild, wild west was on TV, I had an Ethics/Philosophy prof that looked just like him. Had a difficult time taking the prof seriously. 🙂

  14. I’m almost certain it was Robert Conrad and his sons who hosted the Cotton Bowl Parade (maybe in the 80s) on New Year’s Day. They were obviously still drunk from partying the night before. They kept saying very inappropriate things and cursing on live TV. I tried to find video of it, but it has apparently been scrubbed from existence.

  15. Ah! He was the greatest!
    A dear Pal of mine, (Alan Caillou) was good friends with him back in the day.
    He was great in Centennial
    “Because I am Pascinal, and I come to you unafraid!” The parts of Centennial without him sucked.
    I loved the Wild, Wild West. The remake sucked ass.
    I saw an interview with him once. His favorite part of all his roles was the Esprit De Corps he and the stunt crews had. He gave them all the credit. Naturally.
    When I worked in the Forestry I had a job breaking up log jams in the creaks and rivers. Whenever doing something particularly dangerous and/or stupid we would ALWAYS sound out the Wild, Wild West theme
    Fair winds, Pappy

  16. If you saw some of the crazy stunts he attempted himself, one of which almost killed him, you’d know he was not a guy to mess with in real life. He boxed, and then some.

  17. Three noted conservative actors all died within days of each other, and one of them was run over by a car: Kirk Douglas, Orson Bean (Breitbart’s godfather), and Robert Conrad.

    I never believe in coincidences anymore. The left are murderers.

  18. As Larry the Liberal this site’s house eunuch will tell you, Robert was a member of a group of actors and in shows that had real men in them. The progressives are feminizing men as quickly as they can to eliminate anything that they feel represents toxic masculinity as this one of the things that stands in the way of their taking over the country. Hollywood is helping them with this goal. You’ll never see another show like WWW or an actor like him for quite some time or perhaps ever again unless we can turn the US back around. Our pet eunuch loves the femmy limp-wristed emotionally incontinent men that are being raised now. Because they will offer no resistance to their agenda. Nutless Larry is blissfully ignorant of the unchecked toxic masculinity that is circling outside the country (i.e. Jihadists etc.) that will not hesitate to exploit that weakness and strike us. Larry feels that our rapidly feminized, emasculate, epicene, sissified, and transgendered military will keep him safe.

  19. I’m a big fan of the old TeeVee series. You can catch them on MeTV. A couple weeks Robert Conrad was on 77th Sunset Strip. Awesome. A couple days after that he was on an episode of HiWay Patrol. Very cool stuff. Back when they had to entertain you with quality plot and dialogue.

  20. It may be something of a coincidence but also very good timing, the H&I Network is now showing Baa, Baa, Black Sheep on Sat. nights at 7 PM Pac. time. It’s on right now beginning with the first episode and Combat which was my favorite World War 2 TV show will be on later as well. It’s going to be a great night again and a welcome break from all the Westerns on INSP, not that there’s anything wrong with that.

  21. In the 80’s I was helping my neighbor with some repairs on a house his parents owned up at Bear Valley Ski Resort in Cal. and that afternoon we went to one of the local watering holes (don’t remember the name Grizzly maybe) for a beer or few and Bob Conrad who was a fixture there was sitting at the bar and I was probably the only person in there he didn’t know, or who knew him! All I remember was he was talking about his liver being harder than a granite boulder! RIP Bob.

  22. So it’s Kirk, Orson, and now Robert…that’s three, maybe someone should cap DeNiro’s ass just to dispel the myth.

  23. Robert Conrad
    William Conrad
    Michael Conrad
    Joseph Conrad

    That’a about all of the Conrads ain’t it?


    izlamo delenda est …

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