Robert De Niro’s lawyer says coronavirus has caused the actor financial strain


The coronavirus pandemic has not only stopped Robert De Niro from working, but it’s taken quite a bite of his paycheck as well.

In court, De Niro’s estranged wife Grace Hightower asked for an emergency order for her husband, 76, to raise her monthly American Express credit card limit from $50,000 to $100,000, according to Page Six.

Hightower’s lawyer told the judge that De Niro had cut her credit card limit from $100,000, also claiming that she and her two children have been banned from the actor’s New York compound.

Attorneys for De Niro said the actor has come under financial strain as the coronavirus pandemic has limited or halted business for the restaurant chain Nobu and Greenwich Hotel, of which, he has stakes in both, resulting in the cut to the credit card limit. more

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  1. HAHAHA! I wonder whether his brain will explode when he realizes that the very best person to Make America’s Economy Great Again (and fill up his wallet giving him the type of life this limo liberal needs so very badly) is his arch enemy Donald Trump!

  2. I really liked that scene in Joker where he was shot in the face on live tv.

    If he could just keep doing that, I would watch every movie he’s in.

  3. Ah, the Trump effect claims another scalp. Poor little soon to be ex has to manage to get by on a measly 50k in monthly shopping as the raging bull of bullshit goes under…


  4. Another COVID-19 silver lining (The biggest being the SHEER hypocrisy it has exposed.)!

    Poor Bobby D. 🖕🤣🖕

  5. People wonder why deNiro is so viruntly anti-Trump.
    He’s bonkers anti-Trump.
    I say it’s monetary.
    Trump and the Republicans limited the federal tax deduction for state and local income taxes (SALT).
    That hits deNiro right in the pocketbook.
    DeNiro has a big big house in Big Tax New York so he cannot leave.
    Thus the hatred.

  6. I saw this story on another news site and it said he might only make [gasp] $7 million this year. Oh the humanity. On the bright side, he can always consider his alimony a donation to BLM.

  7. Monthly credit card limit from 50,000 to 100,000….

    Do these people f***ing hear themselves?

  8. Fuck him.

    He mostly played Mobsters & glorified the absolute worst of the Italian Culture.

    I was working In a Shithole Social Club/Gambling Den yesterday and the fuckers were acting like the typical motherfuckers Dinero helped create with his bullshit.

    Trying to stuff cash in my pocket when I told them I didn’t want to service their shit and yesterday was a one off deal.
    I told them to loose my number, don’t care, I’m too insignificant for them to waste a bullet on and I’m clean.

    The pigs do that because in their minds, they paid you and now you DISRESPECT them if you don’t come back.

    Hey Revenue Canada/ IRS:

    Raid every “Social Club” with no signage & $100,000 plus cars out front with no discernible business models or customers.

    They are gambling dens with piles of cash on the poker tables! You lazy Fucks!

  9. Hey Bobby, it’s the f*cking you get for the f*cking you got. Couldn’t have happened to a better strunce if you ask me. Hope she’s blowing on cabana boys 24/7

  10. I am supposed to believe someone that was reportedly worth $500 million earlier this year, who’s lawyer says he might only make $7.5M this year is under financial strain? Only in politics and Hollywood

  11. Raging Bullshit! Perhaps he can try hiding behind the New York Times while he screams at his chauffeur on his cellphone as a street performer if his Black Colored ex-wife doesn’t agree to being reduced to charging a mere $50,000 a month on the bare necessities of life in the Big City. Or, he can try selling his gaybo father’s horrible looking modern art if the Shysters get too persistent. In any case, few people are going to have much sympathy for this raging has been.

  12. Looks like little Bobby, is going to have to make a “Midnight Run”, to raise some cash.., after all.

  13. I’m sure he’s chastised Trump for daring to open everything up “too early”. Including the restaurant he’s now whining about being closed.

    An insensitive wife is a perfect match. They are made for each other.

    Zero cares given for Bobert DeZero.

    May everyone of his ilk suffer a prequel of their eternal stay at the fire lodge of Gnashed Tooth Resort.

  14. I used to think he was a brilliant actor playing deranged lunatics. Now, of course, I realize he’s not acting at all.

  15. I’m pretty sure everyone who has lost their job because of the Covid-1984 Plandemic can relate with the hardships caused by a piddly $50k/month credit limit.

  16. He also took a nice bath (pardon the pun) during the last hurricane which wiped out his properties in the Caribbean.
    But even way before that he was a miserable POS.

  17. MJA – Did the Creep take a bath or did his insurance company get soaked?
    I’d laugh my ass off if the fuker wuz too cheap to have insurance!

  18. Wow. If I had $50,000 it would change my life immediately. I’d put money down on a little house out in the country where when you hear gunshots it’s a good thing. Sick of the city…

  19. Then there’s this I found in another article:

    According to government filings released on Monday, July 6, the Nobu brand, which also includes several luxury hotels, took 14 Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) loans from the U.S. Small Business Administration for as much as $28 million. The loans were designed specifically to help small businesses struggling amid the COVID-19 pandemic. More specifically, the chain received funding for locations scattered across the country, from California to Texas and New York, according to the data. The outpost in Malibu is often frequented by celebrities including Kim Kardashian and her husband Kanye West, Chrissy Teigen and Spiderman star Tobey Maguire.

  20. Dadof4, “May everyone of his ilk suffer a prequel of their eternal stay at the fire lodge of Gnashed Tooth Resort.”

    What a wordsmith! I’m impressed.


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