Robert F. Kennedy Jr. Full Speech | Defeat The Mandates DC

WATCH HERE – Rumble.

For those who don’t know, Kennedy has Spasmodic dysphonia.

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  1. It may be a little difficult to listen to RFK Jr’s speech, but what he has to say is downright painful to the Nest of Elite Vipers who have criminally perpetuated this deadly pandemic.

  2. In his book about the Fauci monster, the sly admitted liberal RFK JR has trashed prez Trump while not writing a word about the Biden Buffoon who’s assisting Fauci to disarm and disable the human immune system. Says a whole lot about RFK Jr the Castle-Dweller.

  3. Did I really sit down to listen to a RFK Jr speech? I did and I didn’t hear any bullshit.

    OTOH I had Hugh Hewitt on while I chowed down on my post workout protein infusion and man did he go off the rails on RFK. He actually said the vax was safe! He flat out said he wouldn’t read anything written by RFK especially one that “slanders” Fauci.

    And he’s the conservative?? He also is in the defend Ukraine camp as well.

  4. MMinWA, I stopped listening to Hugh Hewitt years ago. He only pretends to be conservative. Every show, he kept getting more and more RINO. Sounds like he finally flipped.


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