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Robert Mueller: Dishonest, deceptive and diabolical


Democrats’ expectations of victory over Trump were dashed when Robert Mueller absolved the president of any untoward arrangement with Russian tools of Putin.  Within an hour, Mueller went from being heralded as the “most trusted man in America” to a traitor.  His words had been twisted by A.G. Barr, they said.  Mueller would come to Congress and tell them the real truth.  But Mueller does not want to be grilled by crazed Democrats; one can imagine their vicious anger that would be directed his way.  By noon that day, these former Mueller devotees turned their wrath upon Barr.  Suddenly, he was “the president’s lawyer,” not the A.G.  In short, since the day the report was released, the Left’s meltdown that began on election night 2016 got infinitely worse.  For nearly three years, they had studiously ignored the mountains of evidence that the entire fiasco was a seditious attempt at a coup, a scheme to frame and overthrow a duly elected president.  Those involved believed that their plan would work.  Those who were duped by the rumors and innuendo because they so hated the fact that this drain-the-swamp outsider had come to power in their backyard were left stunned.

Mueller never deserved the “most trusted man” sobriquet.  He has a long record of abusing the power of his office over the years, no matter which office he occupied at the time.  He let four men rot in prison knowing they were innocent, a crime that cost taxpayers nearly $100M in recompense to the victims.  He did the bidding of Hillary Clinton when she delivered uranium to Russia.  Then, working with James Comey, he seriously misprosecuted the anthrax case, relentlessly pursuing an innocent man, Steven Hatfill, and again costing the taxpayers millions, this time $5.82M.  As with Comey, Mueller’s positions of power over the years have gone to his head and made him both arrogant and careless.  more

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  1. Don’t forget wiesmann the enforcer. They both need to hang.

  2. The Democrats are desperately looking for anything that looks real they can find to make impeaching and getting rid of Trump legitimate.

    But if they can’t find anything that can be made to look real to use against him, they’ll do it anyway and make up an obviously phony reason to do it.

    The left doesn’t give up.


  3. I don’t get this Judge Napolitano guy on Fox News. He seems to take the most negative side of news stories about Mueller’s reports regarding Trump. He’s giving ammunition to democrats.

  4. Meuller “The Snake” just gave Nadler and all the rabid swamp-dwellers more fodder for their power grab impeachment delusion. (Look for Meuller to “officially” retire soon to distance himself from this travesty.)

    The Dems’ know they can’t win the next election honestly so this is their play…it will not end well for them. (Recalling the looks on HRC’s supporters faces when they realized the gambit was up…this will be worse.)

    Let them continue driving off the cliff…right next to the CNN bus.

  5. Here he is children. See him. Look carefully.
    This Is Not what you want to be when you grow up.

  6. Tim,
    Judge Nap isn’t a reliable source. He’s upset he didn’t get SC nomination and pardon for boyfriend of him and Shep.

  7. It’s been years since I read anything by Franz Kafka, but I’m beginning to believe that he is writing the script for this Kafkaesque nightmare. Trump is obviously guilty of something, because he can’t be exonerated by the man who was appointed to investigate Trump’s crimes and collusion with bad people Trump never met. Of course, the prosecutor doesn’t want to testify in public to defend his decision not to recommend prosecution, since that would require him to explain what he didn’t discover in two years of wasted time. Ya known what I mean Franz?

  8. To those in the swamp Trump was and will always be an interloper.
    “This is our world and we’ll decide who gets to be a part of it”

    I didn’t see Mueller give his statements. I listened on radio and I’d swear it was John F Kerry speaking. Did anyone else notice that? Did someone download the wrong tape in the android?

  9. Mueller also thumbed his nose at Barr while speaking. I wonder how that’ll work out for him.
    I don’t think he has the immunity he thinks he has.

  10. “A special prosecutor who wanted to charge a president but had no evidence, on the heels of the head of the FBI, who had the evidence against Hillary but didn’t want her charged.”

    All because that nasty Hildabeast lost.


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