Robert Mueller Was Obama’s Shield – Graham Open To Mueller Hearing

Conservative Treehouse: Why is it important to understand the duality of purpose for the appointment of the special counsel run by the figure-head (in name only) of Robert Mueller?…

…Because from the outset the seventeen Lawfare lawyers who formed the resistance unit operation took control over the DOJ.

That was a large purpose of their installation.  The Mueller resistance unit controlled everything, including every impediment to congress.

Despite the fact they should have been aware of this, many individual Senators and congressional representatives now claim they had no idea of this purpose.  Setting aside their willful blindness; all that stuff is in the rear-view and only leads to anger in a debate that needs to look forward; the issue now becomes putting indisputable evidence, an actionable trigger, in front of them and forcing public confrontation.  Action.  Nothing else matters; drive action.

Committee chairman Lindsay Graham said today on Twitter he is open to having Robert Mueller appear before the Senate Judiciary Committee. [FYI Chuck Grassley is a member]  While there is no reason to put any scintilla of projected altruism into the position of Senator tick-tock Graham, there’s more behind that statement than a mere WaPo op-ed.  [Read between the lines – Nudge/Nudge – Wink/Wink].

The senator from South Carolina might be attempting to kick the proverbial can; it matters not.  What matters is a public and deliberately painful action that forces a reckoning.

12 Comments on Robert Mueller Was Obama’s Shield – Graham Open To Mueller Hearing

  1. It’s all bluster from twinkletoes and everyone knows it.

    In other news, the Redskins are changing their name to please the mob.
    The NFL has been dead to me for three years anyway, so who cares.

  2. Oh, more hearings.

    What a pitiful waste of time.

    But at least they impress the voters, which is what they are intended to do.

  3. Graham can say he’s open to having Muller appear knowing full well that Muller will never appear. Graham is full of shit.

  4. Lindsey Graham is a lying, bone smuggling, scoundrel of the first degree who in the end will do absolutely nothing because he does not want those compromising photos of himself committing unspeakable depravities being released by the democrat communists. He will do nothing. He is a traitor in cahoots with the democrat communists.

  5. Sorry South Carolina, but you suck for continuing to send this unscrupulous scoundrel back time after time. What’s it take for you idiots to wake up?
    Kentucky, the same goes to you. McConnell is a ruthless backstabber and one of the biggest reason we’re in our present situation, wake up!!!

  6. Yep, we are open to the idea that we might consider the possibility of potentially calling Robert Mueller to tell us what might have possibly led to and drove his investigation. In addition, we may even ask why his team spent so much time to come up with nothing. Not that we will hold anyone accountable, but the public deserves the chance to maybe get an obtuse and non-answer.

  7. Lindsey must have some deep shit buried in his yard. Who doesn’t know that the guy is gay? No one cares. Deep state can’t smear him on any of that so how bad is the stink in his yard? One wonders what keeps that man twiddling his thumbs.

  8. Forget it, Mueller is probably in Lindsey’s super secret servicing club and probably already got a call from Barr to “go easy” on his pal.

    They shoulda’ buried him with McCain.

  9. wake me when something real happens

    all lies

    the only justice will come from the population if they have the balls

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