Robert Spencer Speech Shut Down By Stanford Fascists

Robert Spencer was invited to speak at Stanford University this week by the College Republicans. Members of the administration’s student activities and leadership coordinated with leftist student groups to disrupt the event and prevent those who were actually interested in listening to Spencer get a chance to freely assemble to do so.


The university should be sued and those administrators responsible should be fired immediately.




14 Comments on Robert Spencer Speech Shut Down By Stanford Fascists

  1. Hey leftist cunts… The more you do this, the more you have smart people leaving college hating your fucking totalitarian guts. When the real civli war starts, the payback list will be long and merciless.

  2. This also speaks to the general level of intellectual and academic decline taking place at Stanford.
    They can’t defeat him intellectually, or rationally. So Stanford disguises disguises their ignorance by shutting down the speaker. A real exercise in academic freedom, morons! that includes “faculty”, “staff”, and “students”.


    Hire and bring your own police force with you and make them live under the consequences of the law.

    Republicans are SO STUPID! You’d think they would have caught on by now. You don’t just haul these people out the door, you prosecute them.

  4. so these dimwits protest Fascism…which they have no clue what it even means beyond some late night tv host telling them while they are high as a kite….then they refuse to allow any alternate opinion from their brainwashing perspective to speak at all thus becoming a Hitler-esque FASCIST in the process…..yes, the circle is complete and Gruber was right all along……..

  5. We are going to have the Least Educated College degree holders in History, these Punks can be a whiz on their computers but without common sense you Die on the Street Cupping your Joystick !!!

  6. Wasn’t Stanford one of the first universities to start the catchphrase, “Hey, hey, ho, ho western civilization has got to go” back in the late 80’s and early 90’s? Fuck political correctness.

  7. Mortgages : You’re right they are Crazed people, and they say WE are violent people. If you gave these Idiots a Drone, they would absolutely start blowing Most of Texas up with no remorse at all !!!

  8. I was wondering how the leftist students managed to fill the room while keeping sincerely interested students out. I concluded that student activities and leadership may have given out tickets to the event and gave them all to the students they wanted in the room.

    However they coordinated their effort to thwart this assembly, they denied their fellow students their 1st amendment rights and worked to hurt one of their student groups, the College Republicans.

    They should sue the school for damages and cost, then demand the firing of the administrators responsible.

  9. Thank you Stanford students! Your immature censorship actions have confirmed that Robert Spencer is 100% correct. You cannot debate him on the truth so you have to resort to tantrums. You are wrong, we are right.


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