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Robin Hanson And The Em Age


Traditionally we think of a robot takeover as physical machines actually replacing us.  Dr. Robin Hanson proposes a time where the human mind is “emulated,” or “The Age of Em,” where artificial intelligence is as smart as we are.

The implications of a world where cheap copies of the human mind can be set to any task and live out their own electronic lives, until their assigned task is complete, offers up a foreign reality that we may or may not be able to cope with.

Hanson’s TED lecture Here

Hanson’s BookTV presentation  Here

12 Comments on Robin Hanson And The Em Age

  1. Another academic who never had a real job so he goes on YouTube and plays with himself.
    Robots don’t vote.
    Robots ultimately will be &%$ked by politicians.
    So long robot overlords.

  2. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA, guess who has to program these Artificial Intelligence brains? Don’t hold your breath.

    I’m still waiting for my flying car I was promised in the 1960s!

  3. AI disaster scenarios are a dime a dozen, but they all still hold a percentage of possibility. Figure this scenario…all plebe humans are replaced in all manual jobs by bots. Who will vote? The welfare citizenry? The productive robots? Intelligence (AI or human) will develop and learn. Well, at that point not so much the human.

  4. So now humanity can look forward to the Age of Em, huh?

    In the meantime, I guess we’re just like Dorothy Gale – living in an ante-Em world…


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