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Robin Williams Makes Me Cringe

I can’t even watch the guy. I can’t explain it. I know people think he is funny, but I just get embarrassed for him, or something. It’s a very odd experience. Anyone else share anything similar?

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  1. It looks like he’s afraid of being himself. Like he’s hiding behind all the cartoon characters of his imagination.

  2. Robin Williams’ hyper-active, manic routine grew tiresome very quickly. But he actually turned out to be a pretty good dramatic actor later in life.

  3. I was never a fan of his stand-up routine, too spastic & contrived.
    He was insufferable in “Good Morning Vietnam”
    Mrs. Doubtfire was OK, because of a good story and the other actors.
    Mork was fine because I was younger then and the world was far different.

  4. The only time I really liked him was when he played Mork from Ork opposite Pam Dawber. Of course I actually spent more time drooling over her back then.

  5. Here’s a simple connection:
    If you’re smoking weed, Robin Williams is funny.
    If you’re not, he’s not.

  6. I like him, but he is definitely manic.
    The one I really didn’t like, except in Taxi, was Andy Kaufman. His schtick was ‘I’m from an Eastern European country and don’t understand your culture. Why are you laughing at me???’ – which was supposed to be funny.
    Borat somewhat similarly, preys on people’s feelings.

    If you want to see a really bizarre one, watch Crispin Glover’s SECOND appearance on Letterman. (Sorry about poor video quality)

  7. He turned out be a pretty good actor – One Hour Photo, Insomnia, Good Will Hunting and Dead Poets Society to name a few. Will take that Robin Williams over comedian Robin Williams any day of the week.

  8. “Anyone else share anything similar?”

    I was practically raised on “An Evening With Robin Williams” so no Sir Fur. 😉

  9. He seemed like the type of person that you’d never know if he was ever telling you the truth or not. I hate people like that.

  10. Not read any of the above but will after this post
    This is too funny and too coinkydinky

    First: 10 Up for the Title , plus 100
    I was probably 10 or 12 and could see he was a phoney.
    I never understood what people got.
    I lived a life thinking it must just be me.
    I now find
    The ones that liked jim were just as phoney and imbecilic as he.
    It’s not us, It’s THEM/

    PS: Coinkidinkally, just watched a local copy I got of a Carson appearance he did. (He did many). So without revealing which one it was in order to save it for a later reveal, this clip , now, in hindsight , was a PERFECT illustration of how messed up he was mentally. It’s now evident he was no different than that Kailisa or whatever IT is called attention seeker currently being promoted on TV right now, just exactly like Robin Williams was force promoted back then.

    It’s all Hollywood Live from New Yorks

  11. Williams was better as an actor, but very predictable as a guest.
    As far as anything similar, Jim Carrey was good on In Living Color, but never showed any range or growth as an actor.

  12. Every time I tried to watch Robin Williams doing a comedy routine, after three minutes the same thought occurred – Shut the fuck up Robin, you’re an unfunny, annoying douchebag.

  13. His initial manic shock value was entertaing for a bit when I was young But it wore off as I aged. I liked Jerry Lewis till I reached puberty and realized he was one of the most obnoxious people on the planet. I never did think Jonathan Winters was funny.

  14. aircubed, I gotta agree with you on Martin Short. What a huge ham. He was good in “Three Fugitives.” Other than that he rivals Jerry Lewis in the obnoxious people category. I can’t stand the commercials he is in now.

  15. Ohio Dan
    MARCH 18, 2023 AT 12:03 PM

    “I liked Jerry Lewis till I reached puberty and realized he was one of the most obnoxious people on the planet.”

    …you might appreciate this take on him, then…

    …couple minutes longer…

  16. At least he died before President
    Trump, BLM and Coof, because he was an SF liberal to his core and could be INSUFFERABLY preachy when the mood struck him.

    I’m glad we didn’t get that.

  17. The stand-up so-called comedy of Steve Martin escaped me.”Wild and crazy guy” was supposed to be funny? Never even cracked a smile.

  18. A lot of these comedians looked like they were a second away from tears and a mental breakdown. Williams always gave me that impression after Mork.

    On the Other hand, a guy like Patrice O’Neal, Hell No! He was strong and had his own identity. Bloody filthy though.

  19. This will upset some, sorry not sorry
    Anybody that finds Southpark funny
    Should keep it inside
    If you use Southpark clips as your references
    And laugh hysterically when replayng it
    You ought to know
    The people you think you are influecing by subjecting them to such juvenile comedy are actually learning more about you.
    Know what I’m saying?

  20. Always preferred John Pinette myself:

    Perhaps because I’m a rather…portly…fellow also.


  21. Steve Martin did that for me; good actor but his stand up (especially when he was on SNL early in his career)wondering what everyone thought was so funny.

  22. To me he was a lovely, troubled soul who made people laugh by just being himself. I believe he suffered more than he let on.

    I hope he never gets associated with the pedophile crowd. That indeed would be a tragedy.


  23. I never thought he was that funny. He always looked so stressed out when he was trying to be funny. It didn’t look like it came naturally.

  24. I remember him being hilarious back in the day, but I’ve seen his schtick so many times now it just looks forced instead of a force. I lost all respect for him as a comic when they went after him on Joe Rogan for stealing jokes.

  25. Great his first ten years then kept up the intensity without the humor, better actor by then. Killed himself when he grew tired of others expectations…but when he was good, he was great without the F words, quick humor and not the cruel blather about individuals out of favor as done today..even much of the video shown above made me often laugh..

  26. I hated The World According To Garp, it was the most depressing movie that I ever watched. He was excellent as Popeye in his first movie in 1980 and played Popeye the way that E C Segar had created Popeye back in the 1930’s. Mrs. Doubtfire sucked as well.

  27. Speaking of mental illness and Jonathan Winters, he is great in the Twilight Zone episode with Jack Klugman about the pool player. Winters does a straight dramatic role, maybe the only time he did such a role.

    I read that he had just gotten out of a mental hospital when he did that.

  28. The poor man’s Jonathan Winters, but then Jonathan had his demons too and I think was funnier.

  29. Steve Martin at the very beginning when he showed up on Carson was very good, but then grew tiresome

    Good actor in comedies, though, once he stopped playing his tired wild and crazy guy schtick. Could even be a good straight man. Check him out in “Dirty Rotten Scoundrels”

  30. Jonathan Winters was hilarious in It’s A Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World especially when he tore up that gas station in the middle of the Mojave Desert as well in The Russians Are Coming, The Russians Are Coming.

  31. Robin Williams’ comedic style was hyper-nervous, wacko, fitful outbursts that were annoying and disconcerting to me.
    I really didn’t think he was that funny. During his stand up routines he always seemed he was very close to losing it if he had to stop talking. He probably was bipolar.
    He was better as an actor.

  32. His stream of consciousness stuff during interviews could become irritating very fast. Like dealing with a hyperactive child with no boundaries. But when he was acting for a character in something he could be amazingly brilliant. Even with the tangents. Because a lot of them weren’t tangents. Or someone could simply edit out the unnecessary parts then.

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