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Rock Singer Says America is a Miserable F**king Excuse For a Country

Deadline– The Grammy-winning singer/songwriter slammed the US during a Friday night concert in London, and vowed he was moving to the UK. He proclaimed “F**k America,” adding that he was “renouncing” his citizenship in the wake of the Supreme Court overturning Roe v. Wade’s federal abortion protections.

 Green Day singer/songwriter Billie Joe Armstrong, 50, told his audience “There’s too much f***ing stupid in the world to go back to that miserable f**king excuse for a country” when he made his reveal.

He added: “Oh, I’m not kidding, you’re going to get a lot of me in the coming days.”


Ya, sure he is. And are we supposed grab him by the legs and plead him to stay?


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  1. Yep, that attitude will get your music sold, just ask the Dixie Chicks. Nothing holding you here in the US, heard Portugal is accepting Americans. Lots of monkeypox cases in Portugal, be careful.

  2. Funny how these people feel comfortable about saying how terrible this country is when they are in this country. It reminds me of all the companies that have rainbow logos in the United States to show their support of gays, but they don’t dare do it in countries where gays are thrown in jail if not off of rooftops.

  3. Please, go!
    I’ll bet he’s got concert schedules throughout the USA for the foreseeable future too….
    Wait till he sees what the income tax rate is in UK. He’ll shit a brick and then come sulking back…

  4. It must be an ego letdown to find out nobody cares and that they aren’t begging you to stay, then having to surrender to staying in the miserable USA.

  5. Nothing like opening one’s mouth and demonstrating to the entire world what an “American Idiot” you actually are, Congrats, Billie. You’re too stupid to be a citizen in my country.

  6. Green Day stole a sound, that of the early punk movement. They were never authentic. True punk rockers and new wavers defied authority.

    These dudes stole the mantle of defiance and sold their souls to leftists and you all can do fake concerts in Ukraine.

  7. What the Fuck is green day…and who the Fuck is this billy jerk off?

    He’s welcome to go live in North Korea, he should love that shit. FUKEM!

  8. A 50 year old rocker? Pathetic.

    Go find a nice rest home in a quiet neighborhood and if you still want to rock, buy yourself a rocking chair, old boy.

    Grace Slick left the rock scene gracefully when her hair started turning grey.

  9. And the uneducated idiots will milk America for all they can….Just like the commie liberal ASSHOLES already do.

  10. What are the odds that this fuckfaced moron will claim one of the countries below with stricter abortion laws than Mississippi after the Dobbs decision is a better place than the US for reasons completely unknown to him/it/whatever?

    Time Limit for Abortion Comparisons:

    Belgium: 12 weeks
    Denmark: 12 weeks
    France: 14 weeks
    Germany: 12 weeks
    Ireland: 12 weeks
    Italy: 12 weeks
    Portugal: 10 weeks
    Spain: 14 weeks
    Mississippi: 15 weeks

    Democrat Ideal: 37 weeks (Literally worse than any country in Europe)

  11. Some of these musicians know how to make rhymes and maybe can sing, but they sure are clueless when it comes to business.
    If they knew how to stut up they would be doing everyone a favor.
    CEO’s same deal, you’re there to make a profit, stay in your lane. What works on a college campus doesn’t work in real life elsewhere.

  12. …something tells me he’s miserable wherever he goes.

    And it’s not the fault of the place when YOU are the misery, mate.

    Piss off. We don’t need you.

  13. One of Green Day’s more popular song – Longview – is about masturbation because he’s “so damn bored” and can’t find anything to do including a woman (“no one’s calling”).

    This loser self admittedly resorts to masturbation over doing literally anything else, why does he give a shit about abortion?

  14. BJ can just kiss 💋 my rearend, along with Pink, she doesn’t want anybody who is prolife to listen to her music, like that’s really going to affect me. 😂

  15. Green Day was after my time. Didn’t that dude wear women’s makeup?

    Where I come from that’s considered gay.

  16. Say, maybe this is what will cause the other celebs to finally keep their promise and leave the country.

  17. Whatever happened to the old 70’s mantra America, love it or leave it? I hated that phrase when I was younger but now that I’m a cranky 69-year-old geezer with 5 grandkids, I say if you don’t like America just get the hell out and leave us alone. I am so unhip that I don’t even know who Greenday is and like N. Idaho Catholic says they probably suck, so scram and don’t let the door smack you in your stupid ass as you’re leaving, we don’t want you or the rest of your idiot kind.

  18. @Dr. Tar June 26, 2022 at 8:19 pm

    > You’re too stupid to be a citizen in my country.

    Now, let’s not be too hasty.

  19. fnuck, son of fnord

    Every time I take a break today and visit this place this morons trying to insult some one. Poorly. How long have you been in the wheel chair muther fooker. Get a life.

  20. Washed Up 2000s Singer ‘Pink’ Has Special Message for Her ‘Pro-Life Fans’: Never F*cking Listen to My Music Again… and F*ck Right Off

  21. You heard this, Americans who spend their hard earned money on Green Day: He has nothing but contempt for you. Don’t reward this asshole with more revenue.


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