“Rocket Man” Launches Missile, Hates On Pompeo

In an obvious ploy to affect de-nuclearizing discussions, North Korea launched what it is calling a “tactical guided weapon” last evening, with a smiling Kim Jung Un watching from a safe distance. More

The first missile test in 10 months by the nation called “The Hermit Kingdom,” was quickly followed up by the demand that Secretary of State no longer participate in negotiations, saying Mike Pompeo lacks the “careful and mature” communication style that the North Koreans seek in a negotiator. More

6 Comments on “Rocket Man” Launches Missile, Hates On Pompeo

  1. He don’t like Pompeo because he calls out the bullshit and won’t kiss his ass. Maybe because his boss (Trump) don’t deal like that and made it plain to his chief negotiator.

  2. Sorry, Kim but the logical replacement for Pompeo, Barr, has his hands full correcting poor reading comprehension by the media and Congresscritters. Kim must be getting his strategy tips from the DNC.

  3. China is not happy right now. And Kim is frustrated that he isn’t getting attention from Trump.

    This was not ICMB or nuclear missile.

  4. Time to entertain Rocket Man with a laser beam from space? May I suggest they burn a moat around his house?


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