Rod Rosenstein Is In Deep Trouble…Here’s Why –

Dan Bongino explains why Rosenstein is first up to be questioned by the Senate.

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  1. OT

    Speaking of Deep Troubles and see through phonies

    The next time Laura Ingraham takes cheap shots and demonizes cannabis users and pointificates with her alcoholic by the boxful of shirahahhahahazade hypocrites. . .

    Yet now she’s all onboard with equal rights and calm.

    Well, welcome. I spose.

  2. somehow I have more faith in, if he had an overdue library book at the local library, he’d be in danger of more harsh punishment than an indictment by Congress or the DoJ

    … call me a wee bit cynical

  3. Looks like Denver’s in deep shit tonight too. Think I’ll spend the rest of the night loading highly illegal AR-15 mags. Well illegal in Cali anyway.

  4. Can you say false flag? I’m getting awful suspicious of the events that are now being discussed coming out of Minneapolis.

  5. Blah, blah blah.
    If obama and clinton do not face justice, it’s all bullshit, and the treason and tyranny will be repeated as soon as possible. Just look at the sick fucks Whitmer, di blasio, garcetti, newsom, cuomo, etc.
    Fauci is a weasel too.

  6. Even the scary roller coaster at the amusement park makes it back to the gate with everyone safe onboard for the most part. Oh sure, for a little while you’re in dangerous peril but in the end you go home with your cotton candy and the teddy bear you won. So will these players.


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