Roger Goodell Refuses To Meet With Barstool President Dave Portnoy After Winning NFL Auction

Federalist: NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell denied Barstool Sports Founder and President Dave Portnoy his award for winning an NFL-organized charity auction last week. Portnoy announced Friday the long-time Barstool adversary had rescinded his invitation because of claims that Portnoy didn’t pass a background check.

Portnoy’s bid of $250,000 in an auction benefiting coronavirus relief won him the chance to watch Monday night football with Goodell in his home, as well as two regular-season NFL game tickets. Two weeks after winning, Portnoy reported on social media that the NFL had since withdrawn those opportunities after researching his background.

Portnoy ranted about the situation in one of his well-known “emergency press conference” videos on Instagram and Twitter. more

13 Comments on Roger Goodell Refuses To Meet With Barstool President Dave Portnoy After Winning NFL Auction

  1. If Goodell really said Portnoy didn’t pass a background check, Portnoy should sue him for defamation and breech of contract.

  2. Talk about “Portnoy’s Complaint”.
    Was there a condition of passing a background check in the auction?
    If not, then Goodell is a no-good-nik (but we already knew that anyway).
    If yes, then “a fool and his money are soon parted”.

    Either way, Portnoy needs to retract his auction bid.

  3. Pass a background check? At least half the NFL players are felons, so how bad do you have to be to fail an NFL background check?

  4. Hey Roger! Whut percentage of NFL players can pass a background check… then pay Portnoy the equivalent amount of the salaries that are being paid to those thugs! C’mon Roger, we all know you can find at least one!!

  5. …N…F…wha? Sorry, don’t know that name, think they played some sports or something but I’d heard they got kneeled out of existence a few years back and never gave it another thought…

  6. Money was refunded. NFL donated instead. Yes, Dave should sue. And barstools is great escape entertainment. Dave is a true throwback to pre PC culture. He is hero of 1st Amendment. Barstool sports on youtube, and pizza one bite reviews are fun. He is the new Howard Stern. And, Dave is easy on the eyes…so he is the full package. Oh and he is a dick indeed.

  7. I hope Portnoy sues his ass.
    Roger can afford it.
    Breach of contract.
    He can sue for money or maybe the use of Roger’s Maine camp (mansion) for 2 summers in a row.

  8. I have no idea who this guy Portnoy is and don’t care. Goodell is an asshole who runs a league full of spoiled rich assholes. Maybe we can find a story about watching paint dry instead?

  9. Background check…….like….rape, attempted rape, armed robbery, children out-of-wedlock, narcotics pocession, murder,attempted murder……like many CURRENT NFL players backgrounds….hmmmm Roger…???


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