Roger Stone Idiotically Pulls Racist Card on Carly Fiorina

Trump’s tone deaf misstep, saying he liked Mike Tyson’s endorsement because he’s a “tough guy,” was exacerbated by Roger Stone who said Carly Fiorina was racist because she said the following:

“Sorry, I don’t consider a convicted rapist a tough guy,” Fiorina responded. “And I think it says a lot about Donald Trump’s campaign and his character that he is standing up and cheering for an endorsement by Mike Tyson.”

I have to ask.

Where is the racism with what Fiorina said?



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  1. The racism is not, duh, in what CF said, it is entirely in the reason-free semi-empty brains of reality-challenged ideological collectivists who see race and racism in everything and everybody but themselves.

  2. Roger Stone is playing the race card. He’s just another fucking asshole. The type we are trying to rid the country of. If he does work for Trump, I hope Trump fires him. I’ve had it up to my fucking eyebrows with this racist bullshit.

  3. BFH, are you equally annoyed with ASK an #NeverGoMrPinko posting the video saying Cruz ignores Carly’s fall?

    That is stupid in the highest order!

    I expect that level of stupid from Stone, but not the other two I mentioned.

  4. And another fucking idiot who needs to be par boiled and eaten by cannibals: Rina Bharara, Republican Delegate from Ohio. If Trump is is nominated she may vote for Hillary, or not vote at all.
    God deliver us, please, from these dunces.

  5. Menderman: Yes Sir, and I say fuck them all. They fear losing their
    perks. They fear real change. They fear losing 7 million dollar a year vacations. VIVA Trump

  6. I have to admit that when I heard about Tyson’s endorsement, I had the exact same reaction as Carly Fiorina.

    So it’s settled science, then–I’m racist.

  7. Stone needs a short leash, for sure. But what are you going to do , Carly ? A rapist endorsed Trump, but Hillary is married to one. And she’ll stand up–with assistance–and cheer when Sharpton endorses her. They tried to tie Trump to David Duke and failed. This wil fail, too.

  8. The issue isn’t that Tyson endorsed Trump, Trump has no control over what other people do.
    The issue is that Trump was proud of it and took it as high compliment.

  9. JohnS. If Trump said he didn’t appreciate Tyson’s endorsement.
    What then? Thrump’s a racist, right? Can’t win with you assholes.

  10. Two words that Trump or Cruz should utter anytime someone complains of an endorsement:

    Reverend Wright.

    MSM didn’t give a rats ass about “goddamn America, KKK of A…”

  11. Hey remember the Obama crowd paid the reverant wright off. Told him to STFU until after the election. The MSM missed that of course.
    However you take it Obama is the result of the Media and a very uninformed citizenry. We are indeed fucked!

  12. Moe, there also exists the rational response, which is none.
    People endorse Trump every day and he doesn’t say anything about it, he chose to make this one a big deal.

  13. BTW, I just may be ignorant but if Tyson is a convicted felon and unless he did time in Virginia, he can’t even vote, can he? If not, his endorsement is a non-issue. It’s not like he hangs with members of MENSA that are seeking voting advice from a lispy, flesh mulilating scholar.

  14. Still more interested in Trump’s rebuke of Boehner’s text buddy claim. Has he issued that yet?

  15. I saw Mike Tyson in an interview a few years ago, and not condoning what he did in his younger days – he was more animal than human – but he has really turned his life around and tries his best these days to be kind and gentle. He really has turned into a decent person in his later years, and I think has said he is a Christian.

  16. Menderman,
    If Michelle Fields can say what she said about the Lewandowski incident, that she was almost pulled to the ground and assaulted, and retards famously quit their jobs over it, and others back Michelle Fields version of events, who am I to say that Cruz didn’t see Fiorina fall and he didn’t skip a beat?

    Anything is possible, right?
    Depends on what your bias is.

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