Roger Stone: Now That I’m Ungagged, I’d Like To Say A Few Things About My Prosecution

Daily Caller|Roger Stone: With Attorney General William Barr now firmly in charge at the Justice Department, the steady unraveling of the coup plot against President Donald J. Trump by the Obama-Clinton junta raises the real possibility that a number of its culprits will face prosecution. The pushback from Democrats and their allies is the false claim that Attorney General Barr “interfered” in the sentencing recommendations of the “non-political career line prosecutors” in my case as well as recommending the dismissal of the thoroughly corrupted case against Gen. Michael Flynn. Now that I am ungagged, I can outline why this charge against the Attorney General is entirely false. Read on.

After years of obfuscation, foot-dragging and distracting sham investigations to prop up the Democrats’ Russian collusion hoax, the end is perhaps nigh for the defiant zealots behind the most brazen attempt to systematically subvert constitutional government in our nation’s entire history.

Despite his somewhat-plodding manner, AG Barr is emerging as a stolid, steady leader in the national imperative of correcting the veritable crime spree of Obama-Clinton sponsored injustices, while exorcising the DOJ of the lawless partisan corruption that infested its ranks during the Obama administration.

To the dismay of the deep state manipulators, Barr is not susceptible to smarmy tactics and relentless bullying. His fealty lies solely with the Constitution and fulfilling the DOJ’s role as its guardian, ensuring the reliable administration of legitimate, rather than wayward justice.

Barr may well prove to be the immovable object the Obama-Clinton-Democrat manipulators had hoped their endless torrent of lies, smears and obfuscations would never encounter. As they see that political pressures will not bring Barr to heel, he has become a focal point for their relentless attack machine.

In February, the Attorney General found out just how diabolical the Obama-Clinton apparatchiks can be when the lawyers prosecuting me engineered a media frenzy to set Barr up for false accusations that he had intervened to serve the interests of President Trump.
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  1. All this violence and property destruction, just to distract the normies from the open and gross crimes of the Obama junta.

    I reckon it’s not going to work.

  2. Of course Obama’s intelligence agency and FBI, etc were egotistical. Obama’s ego was out of control so it follows all his minions too.
    Stone mentions Barr seems slow but Victoria Toensing and Joe DiGenova have been saying all along to be patient. The Barr and Durham are doing things right and so it will take more time than most of us would like.

    The more that comes out like this the more liberal heads will explode.
    And I say GOOD!

  3. Good post and read.

    Reminds me of the same/similar treatment Steve Stockman (GOP-TX) received, after calling for the impeachment of Holder and the firing of Lois Lerner.

    These are very vile and venomous, hate-filled, murderous operachtics who do not belong in ANY civilized government and free society.

    As they still suck and slime off the government teat (and our pocketbooks), before and during Trump’s presidency, only death will remove their hideous shadow.

    If they can do this to Roger and Steve, they can do the same to any of us.

  4. When Roger Stone was arrested at his home in the early morning hours by 29 FBI agents, they had more armed agents than the Gestapo used to arrest the men who tried to kill Adolph Hitler. How American was that? Roger Stone deserves a new trial or a full pardon.


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