Rogue R.I.N.O. Bill Kristol Plots Anti-Trump Primary

25 Comments on Rogue R.I.N.O. Bill Kristol Plots Anti-Trump Primary

  1. Not all this guys dogs are barking if you get my drift.

    Look around, smell the economy, Trump be very, very, very good for the country.
    In my area they can’t build new business buildings and warehouses fast enough.

  2. Why won’t this useless bastard just go away. Because of the likes of him and the Shrub, the country almost went kaput due to 8 years of a communist Muslim liar and his pals.

  3. Apparently, shilling for the cruise ship “getaways” so people can spend time with anti-Trump boobs like Bill Kristol isn’t going so well theses days. This buffoon is too stupid to realize that he is completely irrelevant these days and no longer holds any sway with true conservatives because they eventually figured out that he was just another self-serving, beltway bucket of shit spewing “conservative” platitudes in order to line his own pockets.

    Good riddance to bad rubbish.

  4. The fact that he was quite complacent all during the Obozo years and is now extremely upset is telling us all we need to know about him.
    If you’re not part of the solution you’re part of the problem!

  5. The homo pedophile society has been severely curtailed and this queer faggot will stop at nothing to try and restore it.

  6. He isn’t conservative. Never was. If he was, he would never have been an invited agreeable regular on those liberal morning shows for all those years.

    Controlled opposition isn’t real opposition. Much of the GOP has been controlled opposition for the Left for a very long time.

  7. Good luck with your election run Bill, you’ve positioned yourself so that neither side can stomach the sight of you.

    Has your cataracts kept you from seeing the lines waiting to see Trump at his rally’s?

  8. @ Mr. Anth Ropy,
    They should ask Dr.Wong from L&O SVU, that guy has a syndrome for everything, on demand. I remember when Kristol, Kondrache and Fred Barnes were STAPLES on Fox News. Fair & Balanced. /s

  9. Liberal Republicans are just double-agents for the democrat party.

    Look at the Bush family? Just bench warmers that do nothing.

  10. Why would he think he is going to do any good especially with the economy on a roll. He is NO that popular in the conservative world

  11. I hope a massive Red Wave rips through the 2018 midterms and causes Bill to have a nervous breakdown where he will have to sit in a small padded room for the next 6 years. Of course while 24/7 audio of Trump rally speeches are played over and over again for his listening pleasure.

  12. I wish Bill Whittle would dump Scott Ott. He is a never-Trumper (he has to tone it down to keep his job with Whittle) who probably agrees with Bill Kristol. He supports Ben Sasse? Really?

  13. Little Willie Kristol is upset that the ongoing Pedo-crackdown since The God Emperor ascended the Cherry Blossom Throne has limited his ability to expand his collection of little boys undies.

  14. Kristol – showing, again, that profoundly demented narcissism is NOT the unique province of barky and other (d)s.

  15. I think Billy-Bob Kristol should be accorded
    The John McCain Piece of Sh*t Award
    For conspicuous dishonesty and
    Stupid-A** leftist sucking up to and on to.

    I haven’t come up with a nominee for the
    John McCain Taffy-Head award.
    And Mr. Kristol should be thankful.


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