Rolls Royce Released Their 2035 Concept Car and It’s Butt Ugly

A few things. You’re not gonna want to open up the car to get in in the rain. The tire compartment is going to get extremely dirty. And the trees in 2035 are square.

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  1. It looks like the world is going to continue to get worse. It’s a good thing I won’t be around in 2035.

  2. Just proving that people with money aren’t necessarily smart, or have good taste.

    What a joke!

  3. Hold the phone. That’s from the Beverly Hills Hillbillies. Jethro fixed the truck and that’s what it looked like.

  4. It looks like it was designed by 12-year-old boys who got their experience by making toys cars by mixing up parts from multiple Revell model kits.

  5. ” … how the mighty have fallen”

    another icon of ultimate craft & beauty has bowed to the latest ‘fashion’, instead of leading in the ideas of ‘art’, ‘class’ & ‘taste’

    there is no ‘soul’ in today’s designs … just computer-generated cubes upon cubes

    sad …… very sad

  6. If “all cars are autonomous” by 2035, why would Eleanor need to call ahead to say you’re going to be late because of traffic? That doesn’t make sense.

    Anyway, practicality: 0. Functionality: 0. Cool factor: 0. Fun factor: negative 5. Quality: 0. Value: 0. Design: negative 3.

    Wasted time showing umbrellas that pop out of the door. That’s available on production luxury cars today. No passenger side door, no trunk – that’s going backward, not advancement. Not only does it look like a yacht, it also weighs as much as one. Seems to me RR is trolling more than showing what the future holds. Plus it doesn’t fly – weren’t we supposed to be in flying cars like 20 years ago?

    I’ll still be driving my ’04 4cyl. Honda Accord in ’35. Thank you very little.

  7. For safety, it has a liquid foam passenger protection system. In a collision, the car’s interior fills with fast-setting, liquid foam, encasing the passengers and asphyxiating them.

    If that fails (and it probably will), you die the old-fashioned way: decapitated through the windshield.

  8. You could bulldoze Antifa crowds with the front of that thing.

    That’s the only selling point I see.

  9. Got potholes anyone? For those using the Brooklyn Queens Expressway…I know, those California roads.

  10. Where’s the engine? Between the streamlining air channels and the luggage space, where’s the engine?
    Presumably this is a “concept” car, and like all concept cars, will never be made as it is currently designed and shown.

  11. Like my Petey B always says…

    “Butt ugly is in the brown eye of the unbleached elastic starfish holder!””

  12. Weren’t we supposed to have flying cars by now? Nearly every sci-fi movie from the 60s, 70s, 80s, and 90s had us driving flying cars by now, and now the 2035 Rolls has wheels? What a gyp!

  13. About as tacky as the clothes the blonde slag in the shitty T-shirt & wannabe leather jacket.

    There is not much better than the:
    69 Hurst Olds 442 or 1984-7 Ferrari GTO

  14. I thought that was a parody!
    Rolls Royce now panders to the nuveaux riche ghetto crowd, and it looks it.

  15. It appears to have been designed to impress a brainless piece of expensive ass… and it looks like they succeeded

  16. It will constantly be in for repairs to the structures around the tires every time it goes over a pothole somewhere.

    And fully autonomous self-driving. Wonder what happens the first time you tell the car to go somewhere the people ‘in charge’ don’t think you need to go? (Whether that be to a restaurant, a retailer that has fallen out of favor, or an entire city the elite don’t want you to visit.)

  17. Screw roads and potholes, it’s 2035 so it’s either a hovercraft or a full-blown driver operated drone.

  18. That thing looks like they used a Plymouth Prowler as their starting point.
    And that girl is annoying. She seemed to try way too hard to make the silliest things seem important. I guess she was kissing up to RR.

  19. it looks like a car designed by either Pablo Picasso because of its cubist shape or worse a surrealist nightmare by Salvador Dali. Just the thing for the brain dead elite artsy fartsy crowd.

  20. Well … that settles it … I won’t buy one.

    I was gonna cash in my collection of Canadian Quarters, but now I won’t.

    izlamo delenda est …

  21. I’ll be really happy when this general trend toward butt-ugly has passed – it’s infecting everyone & everything.

  22. WTF were the designers thinking? I do understand the purpose of concept cars, but seriously? I do not mind some of the pieces, but the look is atrocious. Where did the designers go to school? And why did the management of RR really approve of this?

  23. What I’d expect Orwell would have had a car look like in 1984. Ugly, utilitarian, basic and not in any way showing any individuality.


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