Romney Being Trotted Out by GOP to Say Trump is Not a Conservative

This is Rush Limbaugh on Romney 4 years ago –

9 Comments on Romney Being Trotted Out by GOP to Say Trump is Not a Conservative

  1. does anyone know what’s the difference between a gope conservative and a democrat?

    instead of calling them conservatives and liberals, how about citizens and politicians?

    trump is a citizen and the rest of the gope and democrat field are politicians, who have created this mess to begin with.

    who wants 4 more years of this?

  2. @ Bill…

    You speak ‘um Big Truth.

    Me vote ‘um Trumph!

    We have ‘um BIG POW-WOW WOW WOW WOW, January 20th, next year!!!

  3. I wonder if they (Repub neocons/establishment) really thinks shoving Romney down the throats of the party base at a brokered convention is going to do anything other than absolutely destroy the party?

    They really seem to have absolutely no grip on reality.

  4. I didn’t vote for Romney. I voted against Obama.
    There were no real expectations of him then, or now. He’s embarrassingly inconsequential in the political arena now.
    Really bad move.

  5. It’s really pretty simple. The Democrats are in bed with the Republicans, have been for years. When the cameras go off, they are all buddy-buddy again. Therefore, if the Democrats and the Republicans don’t want Trump, then I would say that I do. These politicians today don’t understand that the reason Trump is so popular is that he is not one of them. But yet, it is somehow lost on them.

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