Romney in a Skirt

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You might have noticed today how former U.S. Ambassador to the U.N, Nikki Haley, has grabbed multiple headlines. Apparently within her new book, the former South Carolina republican – who removed historic monuments and then moved her permanent residence to New York, has outlined Rex Tillerson and John Kelly as stealth insiders working to undermine President Trump and attempting to bring Haley into their clique.

This move is so typically Nikki Haley it would almost have been predictable right?

Well, it was.

In 2018 CTH foretold and forewarned of exactly what Nikki Haley would do. She is as predictable as the sunrise. [SEE HERE] Everything about Nikki Haley is opportunistic, political and false. Nikki Haley is the female version of Mitt Romney. More

14 Comments on Romney in a Skirt

  1. Quisling and politically expedient whore. She is not a female version of Romney she is a female version of Hillary.

  2. Here’s where screenshots and video clips come in handy.
    She can pretend to support actual conservatives and POTUS but there are records available to everyone so it won’t be as easy as she’d like. As soon as Romney endorses her next campaign she’s toast.

  3. I’ve always cringed when people tout her as a conservative. She Is not, never has been and would never get my vote.

  4. Thinking about this more, if she is so full of integrity why did she not say something when all this happened? Why didn’t she get on news shows to expose this attempted coup?

  5. Too many self centered bureaucrats in the GOP for it to be effective. Do these brain dead idiots think they will be immune if the socialists take over?

  6. she is, literally speaking, a literal whore

    she has no integrity or honor. She was knowledgeable of others in the cabinet working against the President, and she neither did, nor said, anything about it. How nice of her now to profit by selling a book that reveals that.

  7. Funny but if she went in with Trump all the way, she’d have a base. But she opts for that rat McCain’s old job.

  8. Wait, no matter her rep, are these allegations true? Is this why Rex Tillerson and John Kelly are no longer part of the team? It seems to me this is important stuff. Much more important than how any one perceives Haley.

  9. She’s that two faced bitch that is responsible for condemning the “Rebel Flag” and empowering the scum dirtbags to tear down statues of civil war hero (on both sides).


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