Romney praises Lindsey Graham’s debate performance

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  1. Hey Mitt, your 15 minutes are over. You should be home watching re-runs of your disastrous foreign policy debate with fat old Candy bar Crowley and our sainted Muslim Potentate B. Hussien Obongo!

  2. My thoughts exactly. FU Mitt.

    And tell him my kids’ closed elementary school has a big stage that’s perfect for Lindsey. Friggin RINO trash

  3. All Bill Buckner did was cost the Red Sox to lose The World Series. Romney cost us to lose the country because he was such a weenie candidate he couldn’t even beat obummer for President. Go away Mitt and all the rest of the friggin RINO’s, we don’t need your losing ways anymore.

  4. Mitt who? Oh yeah, the guy that lost.

    I’ll admit LG had a decent night at the kids table, but so did Jindal and Santorum.

    LG is still stuck on the idiotic notion that republicans need to work across the aisle.


    The reason the country is in the toilet is because the left has gotten everything they want with zero opposition.

    Now Boehnerdict couldn’t resist one last betrayal before leaving – even more debt and funding the leftist agenda for two whole years.

  5. Did anyone catch this? Romney on a podcast with David Axelrod. In case there were any doubt about the former.

    ““Mitt Romney is on record…as lamenting and complaining about the fact that there is now a conservative media, both on talk radio, in print, in broadcast, and on the World Wide Web,” conservative radio talk show host Rush Limbaugh told his audience Monday.

    According to Rush, Romney told podcast host David Axelrod “that the demise of legacy media had empowered conservative insurgents like this show and others, which has prevented collaboration in Washington.””

  6. The appropriate reaction to Romney’s failure in 2012 should be shame, embarrassment, and a profound sense of personal failure. If it was me, I’d never come out from the rock I’d be hiding under.

    But RINO’s think failure is just part of the overall Uniparty plan.

    I don’t get any of that coming from this man, but then again, his basic in-authenticity is why he’s little more than a punchline to a joke now.

    A note to Ann Romney…

    If you really love Mitt, make him come home and shut up. He’s a joke, and he can’t see it, and he’s embarrassing your family in the process.

  7. bingo.

    Lindsey Graham should be on a stage at a gay bathhouse, not on the political stage. The only one on the audience would be his BFF Sen John “Hi Greta” McCain

  8. Here’s my favorite line from some commenter (sorry, can’t remember who it was) about Lindsey Grahmnesty. Lindsey said he couldn’t believe he was losing to Trump and Carson. Lindsey then insinuated that Carson had attempted to stab someone as a youth.

    The commenter stated “So what? In his youth, Lindsey tried to stab a young man in the A$$ with his Di(k”

    Go home Mittens, nobody cares what you think after you whiffed your last debates with Obama, with so much material with which to bury him.

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