Romney rips Democrats for impeachment gripes: ‘If you call everything outrageous, then nothing is outrageous’

Wa Ex: Sen. Mitt Romney brushed off Democrats for complaining about the Senate’s decision to follow trial rules similar to those used during President Bill Clinton’s impeachment.

Romney, 72, the junior senator for Utah and 2012 Republican presidential nominee, has been one of the few Senate Republicans to question President Trump’s behavior in the events that led to impeachment, but he claimed that Democrats have taken their protests too far. While speaking to CNN on Monday, the Utah senator criticized his Democratic colleagues for opposing Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell’s version of the impeachment trial rules that were used during Clinton’s impeachment.

“Well, the changes [in the trial rules] are pretty modest and I don’t think are significant in any dramatic way. So for instance, whether something is going to be taking 12 hours per day or eight hours per day, it’s still going to be covered in the news,” Romney said. “And what’s officially going into evidence doesn’t make a big difference because the senators are, of course, free to look at all the information they have that comes from the House.”

He added, “I think the Democrats make a mistake when they cry outrage time and time again. If everything is an outrage, then nothing is an outrage.” more

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  1. Mitt is only concerned with how the Senate is being characterized by the House managers and their media. He’s worried about how this will play out in November for his Senate seat and for the GOP Senate majority, in that order.. He still hates Trump with a white-hot fury.

  2. “If everything is an outrage, then nothing is an outrage.”

    See? I am not a crook cuck.

  3. You would think that the most dangerous president in history would require a unique set of impeachment rules, and not spend all this time going over past trials. Shows democrats can’t do a single thing without hand holding and the result will play the same broken record of failure. So, what gets done in congress while this charade continues? Will democrats vow to work double time for real issues in America after they fail again? Yeah, I’m not expecting any awakening from the party of moral high ground since they are already wide awoke.

  4. Cocaine Mitch (I love that name 😀 ) may have told him something about not getting endorsements or RNC money for his next campaign if he screwed around too much.

  5. …he’s just venting because Democrats didn’t come up with something better to give him more political cover.

    …he’ll still VOTE with them…

  6. “… it’s still going to be covered in the news …”

    And how is that relevant to the concept of “justice?”

    Is Mittens admitting that this is just a “Dog-and-Pony” show?
    Political theater for the media?
    It certainly isn’t entertaining (or enlightening) for the public.
    There must be some reason for the preening maggots (Schumer, Schitt, and Nadler, for instance) to make utter fools of themselves, be-clowning themselves?

    And why did CNN (a fake news outlet) ask Mittens, anything?

    What started as absurdity has devolved into some weird, dismal, tragi-comic opera bouffe.
    Why has it not occurred to anyone, yet, that the Republic is the target of the Demonrat traitors, not President Trump? The Constitution is suffering the death of a thousand cuts by these traitors – weaken this, soften that, penumbra the other – while the States run roughshod over the 1st and 2nd of the Bill of Rights! And the Feds have, themselves, fabricated the notion of “Hate” crime and crafted the Orwellian (and NKVD-Gestapo-like) FISA Star Chamber in order to “protect” us – as both the Gulag and KZ systems were set up to “protect” political undesirables and Jews.

    izlamo delenda est …

  7. Is Mittens is going to use the Senate trial as a way to try and rehabilitate his reputation just like another hack did with a couple of outbursts during the Kavanaugh confirmation hearings?

  8. “…the Utah senator criticized his Democratic colleagues…”

    As a lifelong RINO/”conservative” from Massholechewsits, Dems are his only colleagues.

  9. Romney is a bitch of the left, and can NEVER be trusted. EVER.

    Best justice is romney having to live with the fact he lost becoming president because of…candy crowley.

    What a loser.

  10. His demeanor is always furtive and ‘greasy’.

    Not that I would ever touch his hand willingly, but $100 bucks says Mitten’s handshake is soft, sweaty, and gross.

    An honest obituary must contain the phrase “corrupt toady”.

  11. From The Incredibles:
    Syndrome: “And when everyone’s super, (Evil Laugh) no-one will be.”


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