Romney’s Biden-ass-kissing days are over. Maybe

Howie Carr: Willard Mitt Romney has spent his entire life looking for new rear ends to smooch — at least as long as they belong to Democrats.

So, when the junior senator from Utah (by way of Michigan, Massachusetts, New Hampshire and California) stops puckering up for Dementia Joe Biden, you know that there’s a big problem at the long-term care facility formerly known as the White House.

Because Mitt Romney is the quintessential front-runner’s front-runner.

For more than a year, he’s been groveling before the doddering, senile, old codger. But now he pulls out the shiv and shanks his pal. Which is his m.o. Willard is either at your feet or at your throat, as a French politician once said of the Germans.

This was at a Senate hearing this week at which Department of Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas was trying to explain the Democrats’ policy of national suicide down on the Southern border.

“Secretary Mayorkas,” Mittens began, “uh, you know I think any unbiased person would say that the Biden administration’s border and immigration policies have been nothing short of a monumental uh uh disaster uh and uh and were there not so many other disasters that the administration is encountering it probably would be by itself enough for a government to be hanging by a thread.”

Kinda like Mittens’ recent poll numbers in Utah, come to think of it. As for “monumental disaster” — that could be the epitaph for Romney’s own lackluster political career. read more

16 Comments on Romney’s Biden-ass-kissing days are over. Maybe

  1. Optics, it’s all about the optics.
    One needs a good poker face and no conscience to become a life long politician.
    Lying is just a word-smith lexicon.
    All you need are enough useful idiots to keep you in office.

  2. Mormons, the Black community, college “students” etc etc . . . people must think for themselves, not as their Tribe tells them.

  3. I’m continually amazed how people complain about Mitt Romney while not once mentioning the incredibly poor judgment of the people who elected (and re-elect!) him to the office.

  4. Trump is the Republican G.O.A.T.
    The most conservative policies and POTUS to date.
    And more of a man than mittens will ever be!

  5. TT
    I think most of that “support” from voters over the years was because we were properly programmed to think that republicans were actually a conservative party instead of the same typical, self-centered, politicians that are the democrats. I left the republican party almost 30 years ago but it has made zero difference in the situation.
    McCain, Flake, Romney from my little piece of heaven are prime examples.

  6. Time for Mitt to take his $300 Million and FOAD.
    The only difference between a brown noser and a $hit head, is depth perception.

  7. The best thing I know about Mittens is related to the teachings of Jesus.

    Jesus said that we were not to judge others because others own actions would testify to their own judgment.

    Mittens as a first class underwear wearing Mormon has earned his place in hell. 🤗

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