Romney’s Tweets Are Very Odd – Biscuits With the Boss

He’s rewarding Sinema, with… biscuits.

Taking a scene from Ted Lasso (which is a very good series, btw.)

As Ted Lasso says, ‘Your body is like day-old rice. If it ain’t warmed up properly, something real bad could happen’,’ Romney tweets


Sinema is at the center of negotiations by the White House and Democrats over a cornerstone of Joe Biden’s agenda to expand the social safety net and combat climate change. With no votes to spare in the 50-50 Senate, Sinema and Sen. Joe Manchin (D-WV) have withheld the support until the agenda was scaled back and key aspects removed. Sinema has remained steadfast in opposition to aspects of the proposal, including ones to raise the corporate and higher income tax rates. Such proposals were missing from a framework that Biden unveiled on Thursday.

Romney is expected to vote against even a pared back proposal, arguing that it is too much government spending.

The bit also was a nod to Jason Sudeikis, who satirized Romney on Saturday Night Live. “After 10 years, I’m finally returning the favor,” Romney wrote in a tweet directed at Sudeikis.

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  1. Knowing what we do now I can’t believe I put up a yard sign and voted for this moron and the other dimwit Ryan to stop a 2nd Obama term.

  2. Waaay too much explaining of the “joke”.

    “How was my Ted Lasso?”

    About as good as your Pierre Delecto. I guess. Nobody gives a shit about Jason Sudoku on SNL ten years ago, either.

  3. Mitt Romney – the son who made his father look like both a genius and a patriot, even though he wasn’t.

  4. Mittens is trying to pander to the Utah right as a “conservative Republican”. Of which he’s neither.

  5. All of us who voted for this POS in 2012 to hope to avoid 4 more years of the worst president to date, really dodged a bullet. Had he won; the Dims would have tied his failure around the neck of the RNC and we’d have had Killary. Instead we got the GOAT.


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